A futuristic perspective on the emergence of Artificial Intelligence

A futuristic perspective on the emergence of Artificial Intelligence

Today most of us are acquainted with the term AI but it was first coined even when many of us might not have stepped into this world!

John McCarthy coined this term in 1956 and it meant the machines that can identify specific sounds, differentiate between different objects and solve the problems on their own. Most importantly such machines can grow with time as they can learn just like a human being- by experiences. It also helps them to plan the things in a better way.

AI impact on the economy

When the managerial jobs will be transferred to AI it will eliminate the heavy salaries paid to the top level employees of any company.

  • As a result, the prices will be significantly reduced. So, the luxury items that are presently afforded only by the class gentry will also be accessible to the masses.
  • It will reduce the social gap between the masses and classes and thus will have a deep impact on the society too.

AI’s impact on jobs and replaced individuals

The salary is not the only driving force. A number of people revealed in a survey that they work because they love it while others are interested in making the society a better place with their efforts. So, many such employees’ will find ways to remain occupied.

  • Those who love the creativity and don’t have any monetary wants will engage in honing their creative skills.
  • The people who have money needs will have to remain satisfied with the mini-jobs like the uber driver, Fiverr worker etc.

AI and voluntary tasks/jobs

A survey conducted in 2015 shows that part-time workers are more inclined to the volunteer jobs and participate in such tasks much more than their full lime counterparts.

  • So, as the full-time job posts will largely be replaced by AI more people will involve in quick gigs and will have a good amount of free time.
  • Such people will utilize the more time rendering valuable volunteering service that can also result in the betterment of the society.

The feeling of achievement and better standards of Games

With AI doing most of the managerial and clerical jobs, the replaced human beings will need something else to gain the feeling of achievement that they presently derive from their jobs.

  • Games could be the best substitute. Just like the jobs, games also require a certain strategy, efficiency, performance excellence and judgemental ability.
  • Thanks to the latest technologies the games will also experience major developments with the help of VR and AR that will not only convert the globe into a common game board where a number of interested players can come to join and play but it will also add more intensity to the games.

AI and Art

Due to lack of jobs the people will be spending more time on recreational activities and art industry can experience a significant boost

  • Unlike the managerial and corporate jobs, it is not just the precision and perfection that is the need of any art form but the major emphasis is on the individuality and creative finesse. Every artist offers his individual expression style to his works of art.
  • On this front the Artificial intelligence still lags behind,
  • There are good possibilities that the people gracing managerial chairs today might be working as part-time artists in the future.

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