A Beginner's Guide To Marketing Streams

A Beginner's Guide To Marketing Streams

Any good business owner knows that marketing is the key to their company's success. Promoting your product or services to people is vital if you want to ensure that you have a steady stream of business for your company.

In the modern world, there are plenty of mediums you can use to promote your business. When you first start promoting your business, you might find the array of choices intimating. When you don't know where to start, you could find that you don't do anything at all. If you are new to the world of marketing, you need to make sure you do some vital research. Here is a beginners guide to marketing streams. Additionally, a company like this SEO Boise business can help.

Twitter and Social Media

Social media is a great way to get people talking about your business. Any savvy businessman knows the value of using social media to connect with their customers. If you are only going to get to grips with one social media network, I would suggest using Twitter. Twitter is a fantastic way to reach out to your customers and promote your business to new customers. Make a Twitter business account and send out tweets to your followers. Remember, the more hashtags (e.g. #newbusiness or #offers) you use in you tweet, the more people will see the tweet. Use Hootsuite to get a good overview of Twitter conversations and trending topics.

TV Advertising

TV advertising is one of the oldest forms of marketing. Over the years, the medium has developed to become more interactive than it once was. There was once a time when you had no way of knowing whether your TV advertising campaigns worked. Now you can see how the campaign is working in real time. With DRTV media buying, you can reach a mass audience in 120 or 60 second spots. The advertising company monitors how well your advert is doing. That means you get a good idea of what works and what doesn't.


E-marketing or email marketing is one of the cheapest ways to promote your business. You can start building up a mail contact list of existing customers. To reach more people, you can run online competitions, in which people have to give you their email addresses to enter. Once you have a large database of email addresses, you can email people with your latest offers and discounts. The best way to grab people's attention (and make sure that they don't unsubscribe from your list) is to give them something free. Offer people a free extra on their next service and they will always read your emails.

Google Ads

Placing adverts online is a great way to create a buzz about your business. The great thing about having adverts on web pages is that you can target your ads to certain markets. For example, if your target market is young females, you can place ads on a lifestyle blog aimed at the same audience. With Google Ads, you pay for the advert on a pay-per-click basis. That means that you pay more when more people click on your advert. That is a win-win situation for you. If loads of people click on your advert, that means that the campaign is a success. If only a few people click on your advert, you don't have to pay a large fee.

Print Advertising

Print advertising is slowly dying, but you can still get a great deal before it does. Fewer people buy magazines and newspapers than in the past. That means that the average circulation of print publications is lower than ever. You should not spend a great deal of money on a print advertising campaign, but if you can get a good deal, you should capitalize on it now.

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