9 Smart Tricks to Make Your Blog Popular

9 Smart Tricks to Make Your Blog Popular

Are you a blogger and want to make your blog stand out from the other from the same other similar blogs and websites?

In order to bring high traffic to your blog and its content, you would need three main elements comprising of developing the best content for the target users, making best use of your limited resources to market your blog and its content, and equip your blog with user friendly features making it more shareable so that your current readers can share the content and encourage others to visit your blog. It is every blogger’s dream to have a blog which is popular and more and more people visit it every single day. But the thing is that it is not something that can happen overnight. It required hard and smart work to achieve success in the highly competitive online world.

There are several tips and tricks that can take your blog popularity to the next level and increase the number of online users that visit your blog on a frequent basis. So it is important that you understand what you are dealing with and how you can use the various digital marketing tools to tackle every situation you face in terms of your blog or website traffic and online visibility.

Here are nine of the most amazing tips that you must consider following in order to make your blog popular and more effective:

1. Request open-ended questions

An open ended question is more likely to promote reader’s engagement through comments. By this technique, your readers are prompted to express themselves better and provide a meaningful answer. The main reason why a blog doesn’t make enough comments is because of close-ended questions. Such questions can only be answered in a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or a direct response having a limited scope.

Whereas, open-ended questions pose a significant impact on the respondents’ minds and invariably creates more blog posts. Open-ended questions can be used to good effect especially in the conclusion part of your blog.

2. Write a high-quality list post

If you want to draw more search traffic, generate powerful comments and improve the user experience then, try writing top list posts. Most of the bloggers are still unaware of this fact and do not even have a content marketing strategy. For example, Michael Dunlop who is the founder of popup domination has to his credit writing more than 100 list posts that have been read by millions of readers.

How to create a ‘top list’ article? Isn’t this the question coming to your mind right now? Don’t worry. We have the answer. First, add the keyword people search more often in your headline. And, don’t try to sound like a genius in language. People are only concerned with how quickly information is displayed when they search for it. For example, nobody likes to search for “eliminate blogging nightmares”. Thus this title will not attract traffic from searches. Instead, titles like “Top Ten ways to Eliminate Blogging Nightmares” sounds nicer and can thus attract more traffic.

A piece of advice: Exhaustive top list articles do better in search engines and on social media platforms too. If you write ‘15+’ in place of ‘top 10’ in your search results, your chances of creating more targeted traffic will improve significantly.

3. Do some influencer name-dropping

If you want to motivate the influencers to share your content, then shareAHolic advises you to mention them in your body of content. Name-dropping is the habit of mentioning names of popular bloggers in your content. Some of the bloggers who adopt this strategy cited and linked over 50 highly popular influencers of content marketing.

Instead of naming some famous politician or any other celebrity in your blog, you should name popular social media influencers and bloggers, since celebrities don’t read blogs as often.

4. Put video in your content

Although, this tactic is not useful always for everyone, if you still use video content in your blog it will generate interest in people about your content. According to a study, people are 70% likely to remember the things which they see and hear. Video content is also beneficial to you in SEO terms. In order to make your site rank higher on the search engines, you must put video items to them.

As the time has passed and SEO has evolved, bloggers have gradually learned that mixing media content with texts is an extremely efficient way to engage the readers. Also, it has been observed that shorter the video, the longer it engages the reader's mind.

5. Comment actively

A blogger in today’s SEO era has to be as active as possible. By showing active presence just about everywhere, a blogger increases the chances of getting more and more comments. Moreover, a blogger should identify his target audience, be consistent with content strategy and do a competitive viewers study. This strategy of showing your presence on just about every platform significantly increases the chances of reaching out to your target audience in the way you want.

The main reason why all SEO’s make this point across is “due to law of reciprocity”, the more you comment on other people’s blogs, the more comments you’ll get in return. The blogger who reads your content and leaves his comments will draw a community of followers and fans who will likely follow you and will then spread the message to others. An effective way of having a presence on different platforms is to become a guest blogger on various niche blogs. You can reply to comments and channel visitors to your blog. To effectively find blogs to implement such a strategy, you have the option of Googling it. Just put in these keywords ‘your subject’ + leave comment.

A tip: To effectively make other bloggers to comment on your blogs, do not type rubbish comments like ‘A Great Article’.

6. Improve on your conversation

Communication is an essential part of SEO or any other business for that matter. The Hart Research Associates conducted a study that revealed that around 93% companies hire candidates with excellent communication skills, preferring it over their degree. Be an active blogger. Reply to as many comments as you can and as effectively as you can.

“Don`t communicate to be understood; rather, communicate so as not to be misunderstood” – Dr. John Lund.

7. Answer to comments

Take your guest bloggers seriously. Responding to your visitors’ comments is like a chain reaction. Spending your 3-5 minutes on replying to comments is really an investment. The more you spend the better return you will have. Personally, we advise bloggers to respond and comment on as many blogs as they can as it’s really worth it. Believe us on that! As a rule of thumb, reply to each and every comment on your blog. A reply to the readers’ comments really sends down a positive message and makes them understand that they’re special to you.

8. CommentLuv plugin

Heard about the CommentLuv WordPress plugin? It takes only a few minutes to setup and is so powerful that it sends a plethora of readers and comments to your blogs.

9. Finally, make a promise to your visitors

You should make a promise in the headline of your blog posts which you must fulfill in the body. This is really important and you shouldn’t make a promise which can’t be fulfilled. As a responsible and experienced blogger who wants readers to reply to your write-ups, write a headline which makes a realistic promise to them.


All through this article, we’ve revealed several useful steps on how to augment blog comments on your blog articles. We guarantee that a countless other authority bloggers who follow the same strategies have been tremendously successful.

Without a doubt the 9 tricks to make your blog popular and achieve more comments are going to work for you. However, you need to be persistent and eager to learn along with taking a positive approach all throughout.

Posted by Priya Panwar

Priya Panwar
Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provide best ios app development and Android app development Services.

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