8 Steps To A Better Business Online

8 Steps To A Better Business Online

Your business is missing out if you’re not functioning at your best online. Consumers are spending more and more time on their computers and phones. It only makes sense that you’d want to be where the action is.

You’re allowing a lot of opportunity to pass you by if you’re not taking advantage of all the different ways you could be building your brand online. It’s important to not only be in the space, but to do it right and impress your customers. Take the time to understand the various areas and where you can be making improvements. See eight steps to a better business online.

Well-Designed Website

It’s not enough to create a webpage and call it your website. Show pride in what you have to offer, and put work into making it look nice and work properly. Your customers will exit your website if it’s not visually attractive and user-friendly. It’s best that you hire a website developer to assist if you don’t have the skills necessary to impress consumers. The design, colours and functionality all matter. Take your time and do it right. Your website is the first encounter many potential customers will have with your brand. You want to make sure it’s perfect and has all the information they’re looking for.

Mobile App

Everyone’s on their phones these days. One way to truly grab the attention of your customers is to roll out a mobile app. Once again, use a third party to make sure you do it right, especially because it’s a costly endeavour. They’ll help you design and develop it based on your preferences and goals. You don’t want your users having issues when they attempt to use it for the first time. This is your chance to grab the attention of a new audience and showcase your brand in a positive light. A mobile app helps you provide more value to the customers too.

IT Support

Your business won’t be able to thrive online unless there’s someone who can handle the backend work. It’s a good idea to hire a systems centre configuration manager for your business and monitor what’s going on at all times. In order to ensure proper upkeep and operation of computer systems in an office network, it’s vital that you look for a system administrator with decent skills in the field. The last issues you need are your systems going down and applications crashing. Sleep well knowing your company is in good hands.


Bring your products and services online by launching your e-commerce business. Sell to all those people who want to make purchases online from their phones or computers. Have a plan in place before you jump right in because you want it to run smoothly. You’ll need the proper platform, customer service outlet and shipping and returns process. It’s yet another way to bring your company online and reach a segment of users who are doing their shopping on the Internet. Make sure to test it many times over and incorporate social media. By doing so, you’re increasing your reach.

Social Media Manager

Social media is a must nowadays. Your business needs to be in the space and take it seriously. This means hiring a social media manager who can make sure you’re consistently posting and fielding any customer service inquiries. Put someone in charge of making sure your pages are being monitored, you’re engaging with customers and that you’re working on growing your following. Your brand voice needs to be consistent, and you should have policies and procedures in place so that it’s being managed the same no matter who’s asked to handle the social media accounts.

A Blog

Show you know your stuff by launching a blog. Think of it as giving back to your customers with knowledge and tips and helping them navigate the landscape of your industry. Have someone in charge of making the content schedule and confirming that your company is posting consistently. Share your final posts on social media and try to bring users back to your website using your blog content as a teaser. Monitor what content is getting a lot of views and produce more posts that are similar in nature. Your blog has the potential to draw in a lot of readers and potential customers when done right.

Customer Support Options

To run a thriving business, you need to keep your customers content and happy. Not everyone wants to pick up the phone or wait in a long line, and people want results almost instantly, meaning you need to find quicker ways to speak with your customers. These days, many consumers desire to have several different options for getting in touch with a business. Offer online chat, email and social media support and a phone number. Have policies and procedures in place, so you’re offering quality responses and solutions. Train your employees to understand what to do in all sorts of situations. Make sure any unresolved or urgent inquiries are handled promptly.

Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s important to look at your marketing strategy and include digital solutions. SEO, SEM and social media advertising are all ways to make this a reality. Have a plan in place to make sure you’re executing properly and measuring results. Traditional marketing methods are fine, but you have to be willing to experiment with the digital side too if you want to get noticed. Gather your team together and brainstorm ways to market your company online and bring in more business. You want your efforts to pay off in the end, so take your time building a strategy.


Never underestimate the power of your business being online. It’s important to test out many options and monitor results to see what’s working. You should now feel more knowledgeable about what’s out there and where you might see your company heading next. Don’t try to do it all at once or without a plan in place. Be certain to have the right resources and support in place to make sure it all goes smoothly. These are steps to a better business online.

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Ilya Piyevsky
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