8 Reasons Online Businesses Should Prioritize Social Media Marketing

8 Reasons Online Businesses Should Prioritize Social Media Marketing

8 Reasons Online Businesses Should Prioritize Social Media Marketing

As a business owner, it is essential that you find ways on how your brand can get the attention of your potential customers. This is where social media marketing comes in.

Social media can help you attract new customers and engage with your existing ones.
In case you have not claimed your social media presence yet, here are eights reasons to convince you why you should do it now.

Your customers are on social media

According to We Are Social’s Global Digital 2019 Report, there are now over three billion active social media users. What are the odds that a fraction of those people is your target customers?
Also, the average person spends 2 hours and 16 minutes of social media. This means that your business has a better opportunity to reach your market on social media.
However, there are tons of social media channels out there. Should you be on every one of them? Not really.
To be efficient, pick one or two social channels that give the most number of audience reach and conversion possible. And when choosing which channels should you utilize, you need to consider two things:

  • Where the majority of your target customers hang out online
  • Which social channels your competitors use

Social media marketing is cost-effective

For a business, big or small, promoting your brand on social media is one of the most cost-effective decisions that you can do.
Creating an account is free, so is getting your message across. All you need to do is to be creative with the marketing collaterals that you are posting. Just remember that each social network you are on has its community guidelines.
Meanwhile, social media allows you to post ads for a nominal cost. On Instagram alone, an ad costs 20 cents to $2 per click or around $5 per 1,000 impressions.
It is better to start small to see how your social media advertising will pan out for you. If you do not know how to get started, or would want to understand how pricing on social media ads works, you might want to hire the likes of Instagram advertising agencies.

Social media helps expand your reach

While social media is a great tool to promote your brand, it can also be used to reach potential customers who do not know about your business yet.
Social listening is the process of monitoring conversations on social media about a particular topic. This particular topic should be relevant to your brand. It can be about the product or service you provide (not necessarily associated with your brand) or about the issues that your business is trying to solve.
The key here is to understand your target market’s sentiments and leveraging it to your advantage.
If you have the budget for social media ads, you can expand your reach by using retargeting ads. According to Brady Dukart:
“Retargeting works by keeping a list of people who visit your site and placing anonymous ‘cookies’ within their browser. When they visit a social media site, a retargeting service then displays the ads. This allows for your business to be in the eyes of the customer beyond just when they’re on your site.”

It helps boost your search engine rankings

Google does not count social media as a ranking factor. That’s why some think that social media marketing is just a waste of time.
However, studies are showing the correlation between social media and your search engine ranking. You might notice that more and more social media accounts are becoming part of search engine results.
The studies conclude that a bigger social presence and engagement can lead to better search engine rankings.
Nevertheless, that does not give you the license to over-post and spam your audience’s timeline. Valuable and high-quality content matters. Your content should be impressive enough, that majority of those who will see it are compelled to share it on their social media accounts.

It helps build brand authority

There are many reasons people buy a product. One of these is because they trust the company selling it.
Good thing, social media can help you build brand authority.
What makes social media a great place to build your authority? This is where people share their opinion about brands, as well as interact with them.
The key to social media branding is consistency. Regardless of the channels you choose, always keep the following tips in mind:

  • Always use the same visual branding, such as color palette and logo, across all channels.
  • Be consistent with the topics that matter for and relevant to your brand.
  • Post regularly.
  • Create a guideline of how you should handle backlash online in case it happens.

Another thing to keep in mind: You do not build authority overnight.

It helps you gain customer insights

As mentioned earlier, social media is where people share their opinion about a brand. And because of the channels’ ubiquitousness, it can make a discussion evolve. This can make or break your business.
Nevertheless, social media is a great way to get hold of what your customers say.
According to Melissa Chue, social media listening comes with the following benefits:

  • It helps you understand your customers’ expectations.
  • It lessens the cost needed for consumer or market study.
  • It helps you analyze their behavior concerning new or unmet preferences.

Social media allows you to have a better understanding of your customers' consumption habits. With this information, you can improve your products and services and share more relevant content.

Social media drives inbound traffic

Social media has the potential to bring in traffic to your website. This is possible through engagement and relationship building.
You can do this by sharing visually appealing content. According to a post by Alex York, customers are 85% more likely to proceed with the purchase when they see a product video or demo.
However, it is essential to take note that your content should be something engaging for your customers. You can do this by checking out on your competitors and finding the type of posts that drives them the most engagement.
As York pointed out:
“Remember that your content says everything about your brand, so make sure your blog posts, case studies, or infographics go above and beyond to make the social sharing aspect greater.”

It lets you provide stellar customer service

More than a means to connect with friends and family, social media also serves as a platform for customers to communicate with a brand.
According to Market Force, “The emergence of social media has given consumers a whole new way to interact with the brands they love‒and a forum to complain when brands disappoint.”
This means that a customer who made an effort to connect with your via social media expects a response. As a result, you will be able to have brand loyalists who can help spread about your brand.
You also need to keep in mind that when a customer connects with you via social media, it is more likely that they tried the conventional customer service channels to no avail. Also, other customers are watching. So it is best to have a guideline on how to handle customer concerns.


Whether you run a small, local shop, or a corporation, it is essential to have a social media presence. After all, social media is a cost-effective means to improve your ROI.

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