8 Management Mistakes that You Should Have a Sound Knowledge About

8 Management Mistakes that You Should Have a Sound Knowledge About

An important part of being able to effectively manage a startup is having a proper idea of working with the entire team of employees.

As an owner, it is extremely important to understand that ultimately it is the people who build the company, and it is your job to lead them towards success instead of driving them away from your startup. A bad owner or manager always blames the low turnover rates on almost everyone excluding themselves. This is one of the most important reasons as to why people start quitting a startup company. You need to have a proper knowledge about the mistakes that are normally committed because due to these mistakes, a number of employees leave the company.

You can go through the top mistakes that have been listed below and ensure that you do not commit these mistakes and drive all your employees away from your startup.

Overworking your employees

A big mistake that is committed by the owners or managers of a startup is making employees work far more than usual. According to a number of studies that have been conducted, it has been revealed that the productivity of an employee is known to decline sharply as soon as the work week starts going over fifty hours. Furthermore, the productivity of the employees drop to a great extent after they have given 55 hours to their work, and at that point in time, it becomes a complete waste.

Giving promotions, raises or changes in the designation, are considered to be the most effective and acceptable ways of increasing the workload of the good employees, without causing any harm to their productivity as well as morale. If the employees are under appreciated or overworked, they will definitely leave your company and search for a job, which will provide them with everything that they deserve.

Not giving a feedback

Various studies have revealed that most of the employees tend to leave a certain startup company because they do not receive any feedback from the employers. A bad employer will rarely give a feedback or a credit. They will fail to reward their employees for hitting a particular goal.

Employers who do not provide prompt feedback to the employees are not really appreciated and they are also depriving the employees of a perfect opportunity of improving the performances. Employees always require feedback for doing the best possible job, and a good leader will always provide the best possible feedback to them.

Failing to develop the employees skills

According to a number of studies that have been conducted recently, the biggest driver of a high turnover is the faith and belief that a number of better and professional opportunities are present. A good employer will always recognize talent and the best ways of improving and expanding the skill set of the employees.

If a particular employee who is loyal to the company with which he is associated, starts looking for new job opportunities, it is because of the bad employer.

Not communicating effectively

Poor communication skill is one of the worst traits that a bad manager has. When an employer fails to establish an effective communication, it can lead to poor performance, errors, low morale, and a number of other things. A successful and efficient employer will always communicate all the ideas and values with their employees in a proper manner.

They will encourage the employees to come up with the unique ideas that they have. They will often push the employees for open discussions and they will not have any problem if any employee points out a particular mistake in their vision.

A clear communication will help the employees to understand what is going on and what they are going to work on, next. You can visit the website Nationaldebtrelief.com to get a better understanding as to how you are going to clear all your business debts and inform your employees accordingly.

Not caring about the employees

A number of employees tend to leave a job because of the relationship that they have with their employer. A good employer will always celebrate the accomplishments of an employee and empathize with these people if they are going through a particularly difficult time. They ensure that all the needs of the employees are being met and that they are satisfied with the job.

The sign that you are a good employer is that you will be invited to the major events that your employees will celebrate. You will also be included in a number of group events that will be organized by the staff.


Micromanaging is one of the topmost and worst complaints that the employees have regarding their employers. Micromanagement destroys creativity as well as the motivation of a person and it can ultimately drive all the good employees away from the door.

Each and every startup company requires employees who will be able to do more than what they are instructed, who will try unique approaches and will always try to think for both the company as well as themselves. All this is normally ruined by the process called micromanaging.

Throwing the employees under a bus

A bad employer will never take responsibility for a mistake that has been committed or things that have gone wrong. Instead, he will throw the employees under a bus, blaming them for the mistake. Doing this incites hatred, distrust, and disrespect for the employer among the employees.

The young generation of employees is not willing to accept any kind of direction from a person whom they do not respect. This is why it is extremely important to take responsibilities for your own actions that might have led to a particular issue within your startup.

Ignoring the ideas coming from employees

A good manager is not only open minded but also values the ideas of the employees. They will keep asking for feedback, opinions, and ideas, and will consider them when they are taking an important decision. It is your duty to make your employees feel confident and safe when they are sharing opinions, ideas, concerns, and feedback.


It is not a necessity to be the best possible employer, but you should definitely be a good one so that you can keep your employees intact. If you end up losing employees, it is going to be your loss only.

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