8 Growth Hacking Techniques for Small Business Marketing

8 Growth Hacking Techniques for Small Business Marketing

It is difficult to market a small business without having $100000 as a budget. Here there are some 1000’s of cost effective ways to attract and improve your business.

We recommend you to try these 8 Marketing Tips for your Business Growth:

1. Send Weekly Newsletters

In order to build your relationship with customers, send a weekly e-mail so that it provides more value. Email marketing is a low cost and effective way to promote your brand and ideal for business on a given budget. Mail chimp is a good e-mail package that can be used at very nominal prices.

2. Sponsor an Organization/Charity

Sponsoring a local organization is not that costly. You can offer to donate some freebies to a local welfare, for example, in return for being mentioned in a newsletter or a local newspaper about your contribution.

3. Support for a Cause

If you support for a cause, then people will be more inclined to support, follow or shop with you! People would be interested to see that you are not all about profit and have interest to support causes and welfare of the society.

4. Participate in Networking

Networking is necessary for all small businesses. It is an effective way to promote your business and brand to the individuals and organizations that might be interested in your product or services. It is a great way to generate interest!!

5. Creating Events

People always love events, so create a buzz about your business using this simple and effective way to grow. You can also be very creative and add a fun element to your events. It is easy to create an event on social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, etc.

6. Free Samples of Products 

Find something that is cheap and not expensive to give away. People adore any kind of freebies and are likely to follow your brand and recommend to others for your good nature. It is a best way to notify your product to the outside world by giving free samples.

7. Be Kind & Helpful

Spend some time with your users by giving a free service or advice. Having a free consultation helps in increasing the trust and chances of getting converted. Because consumer always wants some insights about you hence they would like to interact with you!

8. Starting a Podcast

People would be interested to share their story, and by highlighting them using a podcast, you can make an instant and meaningful connection. It also gives you education on the topic that you are interested.

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