8 Best Responsive Web Templates

8 Best Responsive Web Templates

Your web design agency might have asked you numerous questions before they began designing your website? Have you ever wondered why?

It is mainly because they need to choose the right template that suits the niche of your business and meets the criteria of your customers. A web design template is made of font, colors, functions, and various styles which are referred to as CSS, it is, in short, the layer that covers your website.
These templates are at the backend consist of various coding that makes the front layer of the web template possible. Previously, what has been just the job of the designers because of these hard to understand PHP coding and technicalities now have become a tad bit easier. With tutorials and already made templates, you can also begin designing your website. Obviously, you will need some technical knowledge but it is not entirely impossible anymore.
Here are a few of the best and responsive web templates that are even used by some of the best web development companies.


WordPress is the hub of website templates and a great web hosting platform for both free and paid users. Jevelin is one of the most astounding web templates that come under the premium version and gives an array of options for creating a highly professional website.
This template is quick to install and can be easily used on cell phones as well. It has such versatile options that make it a perfect choice for various professionals. If you want something that solely represents your business through the customization you can get just that.
For example; if you are looking to develop an e-commerce website Jevelin provides a plugin option just for that.


Lintense is a web template that specializes in the landing page of your web site. The landing page is the first medium through which your targeted audience gets to know about your business offerings. This page carries your main and important information and hence, designing an attractive and informative landing page is crucial for the brands.
Lintense specializes in landing pages for corporate, digital, SEO companies and even medical fields. It is quite easy to operate and a great platform to make a unique and striking presentation. Moreover, it’s found to be quite responsive as well.


As the name suggests this one is a perfect pick for companies dealing with the security industry. So whether you sell CCTV cameras or you are a police department looking to design a catchy website this template is the right pick for you.
It is completely HTML based with CSS functioning that gives you a wide option of making a customized website according to the requirement and needs of your work. There are various image options also that makes the entire website quite appealing.
Lastly, the most enticing feature is that this template is absolutely free. Hence, you will not be paying much to get the best that you want.


Is your business all about creativity and distinctiveness? Then Boxus is what you want, it is a free web template that offers colors and various font styles in the template. This web template is for those brands that attract youth or is about creativity. It is an HTML5 web template that comes free and is quite easy to operate. You can use this for your social media platform, designing, and a vibrant web page. Besides, it has a JavaScript plugin that makes it a strong web design template.


If you are looking for something that is for both beginners and experts then you are actually asking for nothing other than Divi! This is another very famous web template by WordPress but what makes it so special is that it has a visual editor that is far better than the standard version of WordPress.
Hence, if you are looking to cut the cost of paying to a web design company what you can do it polish your skill through Divi and launch a website on your own. This template lets you have a very responsive website with great CSS functioning. Other than that you can enjoy customization through an easy drag and drop and editing features.


If you are here looking for individuality for the medical field then as the name suggests SpineCare is just that. This web design template is especially for medical websites representing what a healthcare industry wants.
There are over 20 web templates to choose and design from and with a builder available designing a web site becomes easy. Those experts who have skills of coding can put their skills to work while for beginners there are some already made designs available. You can also take perks from various relevant images.


If you are looking for something simple and sophisticated then Sublime is the right choice. It is another free and easy to handle web templates that are for those businesses who want to provide limited yet quality content to their users.
It has a responsive layout that will work on multiple platforms and is based on HTML5/CSS3. If you are a beginner looking to create an initial representation of your work and a good portfolio then Sublime is a great choice, to begin with.


The development of this web design template is based on HTML5, CSS, JQuery, and JavaScript. It has four pages based web design with features like responsive web sites for various devices, SEO equips, youtube plugins and much more.
The plugins and various features let you build a classy and beautiful website. Moreover, you can use the Ghost button to like the audience to the news that’s coming soon. All in this free web template is a good place, to begin with.


Now, that you know about the various web templates that come for free or charging a little amount you can now design your own website without paying a large chunk of money to a web design agency. As these web templates are what the best web development company even uses.

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