8 best hacks to drive traffic to your website

8 best hacks to drive traffic to your website

If you own a business website, the massive traffic for your website defines your success. There are many techniques to optimize your page, gain more website traffic and earn the impression of users by a finer online presence.

One of such vital techniques is doing good SEO for your website. However, earning more loyal customers and massive traffic for the business website are the primary goals of a business owner or a website owner. Here are some of the hacks that help the business owners gain more traffic to the website without any investment.

1. Do on page SEO

Optimization of the content on your website takes very lesser time and will provide more boost up for the website traffic. One cannot underestimate the capacity of on-page SEO since it is still the most effective and popular method of gaining more loyal customers to the business by improving the website traffic. This is undoubtedly the reviewed and tested method of increasing the traffic for your business website. Give up the misconception that the SEO for website content is an outdated practice and try to add internal links to your newly created website content and add meta descriptions to your content while publishing. These are the worthy practices that will not cost your pocket and provide the best results faster when compared to other methods to enhance the website traffic.

2. Promote your website on social media platforms

Creating and publishing outstanding content is not sufficient to enhance your website traffic. You need to create engaging content and post them on social media platforms regularly to get your content reachable to a wider range of audience. Twitter is the best platform for promoting short and crispy content, and Google Plus is the ideal one for publishing content related to B2B niches. If you work for a B2C website, you can publish your content frequently on Instagram and Pinterest. Pinterest creates a great platform for engaging content that contains pictures and visuals and can appeal more number of active audiences. Being proactive on social media platforms improve your organic search rankings and website traffic.

3. Understand the Source of Website Traffic

Referral links, backlinks, and internal links are the best sources to increase the website traffic and gain loyal customers. By encouraging guest blogging and referral links, you can gain the more targeted audience and can benefit from the move. You need not to request another website to backlink, but you need to create appealing content for the customers and referral websites.

4. Target long tail keywords

If you are not taking long tail keywords into account as a crucial part of the paid search, you are losing a chance to make way for massive website traffic. Long tail keywords attract more audience through popular searches.

5. Start guest blogging

Most of the experts might feel that guest blogging is one of the old school optimization techniques; it is the best idea to enhance your website traffic. You can gain huge website traffic if you can get a chance to publish engaging posts on a popular website and request them to backlink your content. This is an evergreen idea to gain more organic searches for your site.

You can invite popular websites to post as a guest writer on your website occasionally. As already said, guest blogging is a two-way route, and you can gain traffic for your website by guest blogging and encouraging guest blogs on your own site.

However, the norms of guest blogging have been changed in the recent past and take care that you will not encourage spammy or poor content but post high-quality and appealing content on your website and post good articles or posts on other websites when you need to post as a guest writer.

6. Engage your website online

Engaging the website online is possible by posting your content on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google Plus. Google Plus has an unbeaten record of engaging the audience for B2B niche content and since every customer searches on Google to find the best for them, engaging your website online through search engines and social media platforms is a good idea to improve your website traffic. To boost the organic search rankings, posting content in the LinkedIn on a regular basis is a good choice that cost you nothing in fact.

7. Use different and Unique Photos

Text content is always the best form of elaborate communication, but photos, images, and videos are better choices when you need to convey a thing to the audience more effectively. Video marketing is the best way to engage the targeted audience and make them your loyal customers in the long run by enhancing the traffic for your website. Take care that you post high-quality, relevant, and unique photos along with your content on your website to improve your search engine rankings. Nowadays uploading photos is not a herculean task, and all you need is a mobile phone with a good resolution camera.

8. Never neglect Email marketing

Email marketing is not an outdated method to enhance website traffic. Posting occasionally on your website and frequent email updates are the best way to improve the organic searches. Don't scare the audience by the flow of emails but try to give personalized email updates to your audience and customers about the important happenings and events relevant to your company. Gaining more audience through content marketing is not a wrong move, but email marketing has an impact on your website traffic that should not be neglected.

Trying new methods to enhance your website traffic is not wrong but trying out old SEO techniques like on-page SEO, email marketing, guest posting, and social media marketing will never fail you to get more and more loyal customers through your business website.

Posted by Tiffany Watts

Tiffany Watts

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