7 Ways to Market Your New SaaS Business

7 Ways to Market Your New SaaS Business

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a booming sector, and more companies are stepping up their game to provide cutting-edge services and products.

For start-ups, the opportunities in SaaS industries are endless. As many companies in the sphere operate on a subscription basis and with different cloud service models, there is a need to deliver high value to customers.
This article highlights seven ways to market your new SaaS business and ensure customer satisfaction and business growth.

Offer a few trials

A trial service does not hurt anyone, and in the SaaS world, it may just be the difference between the company at the top and those trying to get there. Even if your product is better than your competitor's, you still need many prospective customers to try it out. By offering a trial, you'll get prospective customers to spend enough time with your product. And through this strategy, you can get leads for your new business. It's a win-win situation! Just remember to create a tutorial, knowledge hub, or drip email to guide new users on the product, so they don't get frustrated when using it.

Run adverts on popular blogs and websites

As a new SaaS business, you need to generate traffic to your services. What better way to go about this than to run adverts? The exciting thing about paid adverts is that they can start paying off from the day you begin using them. Google Ads is one of such adverts that'll definitely help your marketing strategies. Alternatively, you can run video ads to reach just the same amount of audience. The key thing is to get exposure, and popular blogs and search engines will definitely help you out with that.

Use referral marketing

Almost every technology-related business out there uses referral marketing to help out with its sales, and SaaS businesses are no exception. With an excellent referral program in hand, there's really no way your business will not grow and attract customers.
To go about a referral marketing program, set up a landing page where users can refer others to your services. For putting in a good word for you, you can remunerate these advocates in cash or discounts. You can also draft templates that'll make asking for referrals much easier as well.

Co-market your product

Who says you have to start from scratch and build your way to the top all by yourself? Instead of this approach, consider co-marketing your product with other companies that compliment your product or share a similar approach or business point of view.
There's no law on how to co-market, but it involves creating content like a webinar, an ebook, or some research content. In this piece of content, both companies advertise their business so that each has a fair share of publicity. The goal here is for both parties to pull not only their audience but also that of their partner when they join forces. So, to ensure that no party loses out in the process, both of them must sign an agreement.

Make your business customer-focused

Growth, optimization, and working on our employees are all important, but there is no business without customers. If you look closely at your business, you'll notice that there are several ways you can better engage your customers and make conversational sales. Tricks and discounts will take you far, but asking direct questions on what they expect from you is second to none. Making your new SaaS business more customer-focused is a sure way to market your business and attract more customers to it.

Use Search Engine Optimization methods

SEO is at the tip of everyone's tongue in this age, and it's easy to see the reasons for this. But when dealing with SEO for a new SaaS business, you should think of it in two categories; off-page SEO and on-page SEO.

  • On-Page SEO: On-page SEO focuses on your websites and how it is designed. The great news here is that you control everything you do in on-page SEO. Therefore, you need to make sure that you create engaging content that people want to read and share with others. With on-page SEO, you need to have a keyword strategy, internal links, make good use of description and titles, and optimize the time it takes for each page to load.
  • Off-Page SEO: Link building is an integral part of off-page SEO, however, there's more. The quality of the links matters more than the quantity. So, you should look at linking authoritative and trusted sites.


A high percentage of people who come in as potential customers don't actually go ahead to buy the product or service. These customers that do not take the required action should not be forgotten. Instead, you should use retargeting to lure them back to your new SaaS business.
In one aspect of retargeting, the potential customers who were close to buying your product or service are tracked as they visit other sites (usually that of competitors) around the web. Once such customers are tracked, a counteroffer is placed on the table to lure them back to your business.
Retargeting is not only a tool for potential customers who backed down at the last minute, but it can also be used on frequent visitors who haven't had the courage to buy something. In their cases, a discount offer can be made to make sure that they get something.
This strategy helps to market your SaaS business by providing something for everyone.

In conclusion

With your SaaS business, you have to think outside the box to get the best ways to market your products and services to customers. As a newbie in the game, having the right strategy can push you up the ladder within a short time.
In this article, we have included seven of the best ways to market your SaaS business. You can combine several or deploy your resources completely on one. In either case, ensure you stick to the path you've chosen, even after you start seeing positive results.

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