7 IoT Trends That Changed The World In 2019

7 IoT Trends That Changed The World In 2019

Internet of Things has evolved to mould both technology and business, conferring exceptional growth across the past years.

IoT will continue to benefit industries in many ways. The number is IoT devices are increasing day by day. In fact, Gartner research stated that there will be 1.4 billion internet-connected devices that will be used in 2019, and the usage will exceed 25 billion by 2021.
If you are looking for how IoT improves the efficiencies or how IoT generates a huge difference for the businesses, you have arrived at the right spot. In this article, you will find the top trending IoT trends that will change the world in 2019.

Workforce Management with IoT

As the organization grows, the other needs grow as well. So, sometimes it is difficult to manage the entire workforce with boosting the overall productivity simultaneously. Large organizations have an opportunity to use modern technology like IOT to enhance the effectiveness of the workforce. Also, it helps to increase the efficiency of organizational processes and employees productivity.
Internet of Things offers hassle-free experience with little or no human intervention to monitor the workforce. Employers can have a better understanding of how, where, and when their employees work. As technology is evolving, IOT development company are enabling this technology to monitor and scheduling the workforce. Besides, IoT is efficient enough to connect the data to performance management software for the ease to the supervisor.

Smart City powered by IoT

The population is increasing day bay and hyper-urbanization is growing. In this case, how to ensure economic and environmental stability? Well, developing smart cities is the solution.
Smart City is a notion of employing technologies and combined data sensors to improve infrastructure and city operations. IoT enabled smart cities, monitor, and manage transportation systems, public assets, power plants, information systems, water supplies, and many other community services. The smart cities benefit the government to save energy, resources, cost, etc. to maintain a well-established city.
For Instance, in Barcelona street lights are empowered by IoT. The lights’ sensors detect the motion of a vehicle in order to turn on the street light. When there is no while on the road, the lights went off automatically. This technology is not also reducing human efforts but also helping us to save energy.

IoT simplifies Manufacturing Industry

IoT is an essential component of industrial transformation. Across the globe, the manufacturing industry is no empowering with IoT to increase productivity. From facility management to quality control all the operational tasks of the manufacturing businesses are systematically handled by the Internet of Things.
During today’s tech-savvy time, the Internet of Things is advantageous to the industry by remotely managing the important task. It helps to simplify the industrial function along with reducing workloads and extra costing. The wearables for maintenance add convenience to the industrialist.
Thus, the Internet of Things Development Companies in India is focusing on offering more welfare by implementing IoT in the manufacturing industries. In 2019, this trend will be popular as it provides safety with improved efficiencies.

Announcing 5G with IoT

The unbelievable network speed and bandwidth of 5G networks will definitely impact IoT this year. 5G offers the next level of augmented services with densely surpassing the capacities of 4G. When launched, it will enhance network capacity, and trigger new business possibilities connected with that.
5G will be much worthwhile for cloud and cognitive computing including connected homes, powering autonomous cars, logistics, smart manufacturing, public emergency, smart cities, etc. The technology will allow us to gather and distribute data in a fraction of a second, which is a great demand for the hyper-connected future. IoT with 5G network enables the digital transformation for many industries.

IoT’s Substantial role in CRM

IoT data will be frequently used to automate customer service. Also, it will be helpful to sales efforts through CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. A primary use case is that an IoT implemented with CRM notifies companies when they sense customers are having a problem. IOT Development Companies are using this feature is key to deliver solutions that increase customer satisfaction ration in the service industries.
The IoT device could inform the utility's help desk software before the customer even knows to report the issue. Moreover, CRM or helpdesk is the right place to get benefits of the Internet of Things. Improved customer services aid firms to generate more revenue. In fact, the more reliable customer services mare essential to attract more customers for any business these days.

IoT Empowers Healthcare Industry

Unquestionably, IoT is transforming the healthcare industry in 2019. Now, remote monitoring in health care is possible with the Internet of Things. It also allows physicians to deliver superior healthcare to the patients.
IoT helps to increase patient engagement and satisfaction as communications with doctors have become simpler and more dynamic. Besides, remote monitoring of patients' health eases in lessening the length of hospital stay and limits re-admissions. Significantly, IoT reduces healthcare costs, along with promoting treatment outcomes.
Presently, hospitals are using IoT empowered app for doctors, patients, healthcare insurance provider, and the administrative users. The IoT in the healthcare industry supports quick communication and treatment where patients do not have to wait long hours to being treated. As smart technology is emerging, IoT based companies using technology smartly to improve performance.

IoT for Retail Industry

There are enormous advantages of IoT for the retail industry. IT helps the industry to automate many processes and deliver optimal shopping experience to the customers. While the IoT is rising, the retail industry is changing its way of doing business. The checkout will be automated, smart shelves will be implemented, and robot employees will handle the store.
IoT devices assist retail proprietors and employees to decrease inventory inaccuracies and optimize supply chain management. Plus, even customers will gain benefits of blissful shopping experience. For instance, the store scanners will be substituted by the smart beacons, and it will send notifications about discount offers to a user’s smartphone directly.
Hence, IoT is vitally implemented to promote smart work. This year the internet of Things will continue to emerge to improve productivity and work efficiencies. More and more businesses are taking advantage of this technology to expand their business quickly.
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