7 Conversion Tactics That Drive Traffic to Your Webpage

7 Conversion Tactics That Drive Traffic to Your Webpage

7 Conversion Tactics That Drive Traffic to Your Webpage

Every brand, ranging from an amateur startup to the likes of a rippling enterprise intend on boosting their sales to gain traction and revenue in business.

The e-commerce sales funnel comprises of a simple journey where it takes you from the initial level of creating significant 'awareness' towards your brand to the primary stage of acquiring 'conversions' via successful generation of leads and consequent purchases.

E-commerce Sales Funnel of Conversions

As an online e-commerce store suffering from its brand image and visibility, you must realize that you cannot reach the end of the e-commerce funnel without creating awareness about your products or services on the Internet. How on earth do you demand a boost in sales if your website isn't getting enough visitors (sessions) in the first place?
Consider the e-commerce funnel below. Suppose that your website has around 100% visitors at the time. These visitors are known as sessions in technical terms. They must go through different stages, which will seek to challenge their purchase intent and desire. At the end of the e-commerce funnel, you're expected to convert only 3.3% of 100% of sessions towards sales transaction.

Seo graphs 1

You must take your e-commerce sales and marketing funnel into consideration before devising a marketing strategy. Instead of spending on acquiring and retaining sessions throughout the funnel, you should only focus on how you can motivate and convert those who leave their shopping carts unattended.

Conversion Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your Webpage

As a brand, your ultimate objective is to attract visitors, mainly the target audience, to your website so that they can know you too, exist in the niche market industry.
You need understand that growth takes time – while you might face a growth spurt now and then, you must approach your target audience slowly, steadily and consistently. Mentioned below are seven conversion tactics that might help you drive traffic to your webpage.

Blog Enthusiastically

According to HubSpot, companies that maintained a regular blog with a minimum of 16 or more posts a week increased traffic by at least 3.5x. Whereas blogs that don’t regularly post or only post 0-4 articles typically don’t generate any significant traffic increases.

Blogs percentage

Creating a blog might appear straightforward, but maintaining it with valuable content, SEO rich keywords & headlines, and backlinks make the entire process quite demanding.

  • Identify your niche and the value you can provide your target audience with your blog's content.
  • Being a part of your niche's target audience (for competitors), what kind of content would you like to see on your blog.
  • Provide the audience with tutorials, how-to lists, guidelines and reasons for shopping at your retail store through your blog.
  • Your blog must be engaging and exciting enough to acquire visitors and generate leads.
  • Make sure it's interactive and has a conversational yet direct tone to approach the target audience.

Produce Video Content

Approximately 87% of digital marketers prefer producing visually appealing videos as their primary content marketing strategy for driving conversions to their website. It is noted that video content alone can help your website yield more traffic organically.

  • With all that is said, it is safe to say that starting a YouTube Channel for the monthly, biweekly or daily production of video content might help increase website traffic to your website.
  • Instagram has launched its personal IGTV app for B2B and B2C businesses as an additional source and channel for the promotion of video content.

Create nice videos

Claim Your Presence on Social Media

Around 42% of people tend to search and scroll through different types of earned media on the Internet. Social media is a lucrative hub for attracting new visitors and consequently, generating leads towards your website. It can be shown from the graph below.

There is a drawback. Not many people who follow you on social media will prefer visiting your website until and unless you create significant hype about it.

  • Acknowledge your target audience and analyze where they "hang out". For instance, if your brand offers software solutions, then you can find a good majority of competitors on Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora and Facebook as well.
  • Apart from creating a social media profile on these channels, make sure you also claim your presence on domains where a fair fraction of your audience visits.
  • Try to post content daily or hire an agency to establish a social media calendar for this purpose.
  • Plan out your content months in advance. For example, if you plan on launching a promotional sale ahead of a season, then streamline your profits and make sure your content marketing team promotes and highlights the sale.
  • Make sure to incorporate your official social media accounts with AI induced programs so that your brand can always be responsive. It has been reported that 53% of consumers on Twitter need a response to their queries within an hour.
  • If you cannot make that commitment, then investigate ML-operated chatbots for the facilitation of your customers, then train your customer care team to deploy authentic personnel with significant information from the knowledge base to answer the most commons queries and FAQs.

Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming allows consumers to grab the firsthand experience of any product or service, even if it is at the hands of their influencers or celebrity endorsers. Video streaming on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram allows consumers to garner immediate responses with the interaction and engagement with a brand or personality.
Since live video streaming attracts more visitors, adding a CTA to your content can help them navigate towards your website.

  • Consider creating a buzz on your brand's Facebook, Instagram and YouTube's stories by revealing product launches and announcements through these domains.
  • Add a call-to-action in the live streaming video or the comments so that they can instantly redirect to your webpage to unravel the latest scoop. It will help keep your consumers on their toes, creating maximum impact on sales.

Live Stream Graph

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the oldest content marketing strategy on the block, but it is also one of the most authentic ways of personalizing content for lead generation. It is also considered to be highly inexpensive, generating an ROI of 3.800% or revenue of $38 with every dollar that a brand looks to spend on this tactic.

Promoting Business through Email Marketing
Email marketing can also be used as a ripe referral tactic to acquire significant visitors to your webpage. Make use of your email list of pre-existing leads. Offer them a subscription offer on behalf of a referral program.
For instance, mail your subscribers with a coupon or gift card that can only be redeemed if they invite X number of people towards your website. Facebook initially gained plenty of visitors through a similar tactic where new accounts could join its interface on an invite-only basis.
There are plenty of email software programs on the Internet, many of which help you assess the analytics of your ongoing organic traffic. With this software, you can determine the number of visitors your website acquired after the implementation of a successful campaign along with details into the routes and channels used for redirection.

Improve Your Keyword Search

The goal for every website is to rank at a position higher than its competitors on search engines. Search Engines are the backbone of any marketing strategy as they promote organic and direct traffic towards your website through unpaid strategies.
Google, for one, is a search engine that contributes to the market quite holistically as compared to its counterparts such as Bing and Yahoo!. As shown below, around 85% of consumers consult Google blindly for bringing up relevant searches regarding their desired product or service before trusting a brand.

Online Site Purchase graph

Master and improve your SEO techniques by opting for analytical tools so that you can tailor your keyword research for the generation of organic traffic.

  • Long-tail keywords are more comfortable to rank because they are less competitive and will be responsible for driving most of your website's organic traffic.
  • Long-tail keywords are easy to blend within your text and provide rich information towards the actual context of your content, making them essential and specific. An illustration is given below.

Create a Link Building Strategy

Inbound links are an integral part of SEO which was created to let your audience know about the functionality of your website. They can be integrated and embedded in a variety of content on the Internet so that Google can help you get discovered by your target audience.
Creating a link building strategy consists of the following steps:

  • Target Audience – The first step is to know your target audience so that you can approach websites that cater to their niche-specific needs. Niche-specific websites will integrate your links into their content so that they, too, can reach their target audience more vividly.
  • Develop a Content Strategy – Develop content that is enriched with information so that it's not only appealing to your target audience but also your partner websites.

The Bottom Line

From acquiring visitors to a website to slowly developing their interest throughout the e-commerce sales funnel towards the last stage (purchase), are all considered as 'conversions' of the elaborate journey. Every brand is privy to its own set of goals and objectives which range from creating awareness on social media channels for acquiring visitors to improving customer experience on a parent website to convert generated leads.

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