7 Best Ways to Make Your Website Look Festive this Holiday Season

7 Best Ways to Make Your Website Look Festive this Holiday Season

When the holiday season arrives, the online retailers start making their websites to appear festive.

For this, they even seek assistance from the best web designing and development companies so to provide a festive touch to their online presence.
If you haven’t added any festive elements to your website, then you should do it now as there are lots of owners who have already done this thing so why you should lag behind. There are many expert web developers available in the market that can help you with this task.
Within this post, we have discussed top ways by which you can add festive spirit to your website. Let’s take a closer look:

Choose a color scheme

The first thing that you can do to make your site festive is by changing its color scheme. You can opt for the colors like red, maroon, burgundy for sale banners or attractive buttons. For font, you can choose dark greens like pine green or forest green. If you want to highlight any important information on your site, then the red color will be perfect for getting attention and driving conversions.

Consider festive CTAs

To set your customers in the holiday spirit, you can choose holiday-inspired call-to-action buttons. You can put some catchy text on them that instantly grabs the attention of the customers. So, it is the time to stress your mind and think of good words for your CTA buttons that can please your audience and they take instant action by clicking on them.

Change your business logo

When the holiday season is around the corner, the retailers tweak their business logos slightly to make their website look festive. You can add holly leaves, snow flakes, gift boxes within your logo design to make it alluring. Building a holiday logo is an economical option for businesses for which they hire logo designing companies. If you want to edit your business logo during this time of the year, then it would be great to opt for a professional logo maker.

Create holiday-themed content

Developing engaging and quality is your key to drive traffic towards a website. So, it is necessary to develop holiday-themed content. It will bring the attention of new visitors who are looking for the best ideas related to holidays. With the help of holiday-themed content, the problem of gaining consumers' attention will be solved easily. You would be able to build brand trust even among the readers who will visit your website just for the advice. It can be easy for you to convert them into potential customers.

Make banners or pop-ups

Website banners and pop-ups allow website designers to add more creativeness. With the help of banners and pop-ups, text and the surface area can include multiple links and images. You can even use a free online image editor like Pixlr for the creation of pop-up that can be seen when users visit your website. This pop-up will include details about an important site-wide sale or a specific sale on a whole product category.
Also, you can add a “Shop Now” or “View Offer” button that connects to a page where you want your users to go. You can even add metallic-colored fonts with a colorful festive background to indicate that your user is going to get something new.

Use unique fonts

In case you usually make use of the modern font on your website homepage, it is better if you consider using the unique and cursive fonts. For more clarity, you may check out some retail and e-commerce sites to know whether they are using different fonts to get the maximum advantage of the holiday season. Using cursive fonts is quite beneficial and popular among e-commerce websites as they often associated with intimacy, timelessness, nostalgia, etc.
There are multiple fonts to select from. Most of them can be downloaded for free. These can be added to images easily using the image editor tool.

Speed up your site

During the holiday season, your website will face heavy traffic where the majority of consumers will come through mobile devices. If your website is slow to load, then people will not stick around your website for long. They will switch to some other website that loads faster. That means a one second of delay can make you lose potential customers.
To combat this problem, you can monitor your site score by plugging your URL into Google PageSpeed Insights. This tool is useful in providing information like how slow or fast your website is as well as the tips for improving website’s load time.


Your business can’t get ready for the holidays just by limiting yourself to the storefront, it is required for you to spread it online. By following the above-given tips, you can make the appearance of your website look festive.

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Tom Hardy

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