6 Key Principles That Make a Web Design Look Good

6 Key Principles That Make a Web Design Look Good

Web Design these days plays a vital role as it is supposed to attract users and much more. Thus, web design needs to look good to excel among the websites.

Website Design Services are something that requires a lot of attention from the designer.

In this article, we discuss 6 of the major principles to make your web design look good.


Balance plays a significant role while web designing. What exactly does the balance of design mean?

The design must be balanced infers that the design must be in symmetry. It is about avoiding a website that tips to one side or the other. Symmetry in terms of the web means creating an asymmetrical balance. As a web designer, one must be careful about how things are laid and arranged. During this balancing, a term virtual weight comes into the picture. The virtual weight of any object in a web depends on some factors like color, size, etc. One can manipulate the virtual weight, add or remove elements. One needs to achieve fine-tune for asymmetrical balance. This matter is quite delicate, and a bit of training is undoubtedly an additional positive aspect. Remember every good looking design is created efficiently to be asymmetrically balanced.

Thus balanced designing is the most essential principle amongst all in terms of making a good looking web design.


The concept of grids is also an interim part of balancing web design. Grids are nothing but a series of horizontal and vertical rulers that together form a large number of grids. These rulers help in compartmentalizing a design. Columns improve the readability, and thus the content becomes much more comfortable to absorb.


The popular belief may say that great design needs fancy graphics. But it is not so. Graphics are meant to beautifully serve as add-ons to the visual message of the web design. You need not to be a great illustrator or photographer to master graphics. All you need is imagination, basic Photoshop skills, and great taste to flourish in graphics for your web.

Making the graphics do well together is all you need to do. While Graphics is not something called in-born ability, one can learn from the experience of oneself, by taking help from others to get perfect graphics for your web design. At times you need to listen to your hearts and go for the graphics that suits you the most.


Typography is the fastest and quite important element of web design. Some elements need to taken into consideration to improve the typography. It takes ages to master this part of web design.

A major drawback of virtual topography is that the results aren’t in the control of the designers. At times the font maybe missing in user’s system or the browser and platform may be rendering the path of perfect typography of web design services.

A few of significant elements of the typography are:

  • Font Stacks
  • Measure and Leading
  • Hanging Quotes and bullets
  • Print Rules
  • Image Replacement


Colors play a significant role in web design. Colors cannot just be randomly picked. Not all colors go well tighter. Some of them just don't go well with others. There are some existing theories on colors and their combinations. But yet an important factor for choosing a color needs to be common sense and sense of feeling the design.

Experts suggest picking up one or two colors and then working on their intensity and shades to obtain a perfect combination of colors for the web.

Remember the colors not only need to be nice but also needs to be right. This means that ever color sends out a message to people around. Thus apart from suiting your goal the color must also justify its selection for the goal.


How important is this connection to elements for the perfect web design? The connection here stands for the consistency and unity of the design. Design ought to be consistently ranging from colors to fonts to icons. And even if it has all of them perfectly, inconsistencies may still occur thus losing its unity on the users. Unity stands for the interaction of different elements and how they fit.

Thus above are a few of the most important principles that need to be kept in mind to make a web design look good.

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