6 Blogging Tips to Super Charge Your Ecommerce Website

6 Blogging Tips to Super Charge Your Ecommerce Website

An eCommerce website is all about static content like you write product description once and set it for promotion.

However, to keep the website active, you may need a content that regularly publishes fresh content. Additionally, there are quite other benefits of blogging for an online store, as it becomes a news and discussion corner of your website.

The core purpose of blogging is to share information, knowledge, market insights, jokes, stories, or anything personal that one wants to make public. For an online store, the concept remains the same, but the end goal changes. The merchant wants to invite the readers towards engaging content and then bring them to the storefront and make them do the purchases.

To help you ease in blogging and making the most out of it, I am sharing some of the effective tips that may increase reach and traffic to your online store.

1. Produce relevant and helpful content

Content is and will remain the king of website promotions and market. But, it does not mean to write about any random topic and publish it on your corporate blog. Write a strategy so that every single piece of content resonates with the products, brands, services, and company.

The core idea behind establishing a corporate blog or content marketing is of producing relevant and helpful content for your target audience. The content can be in the form of audio, video, text, or infographic.

Your content may dictate how the company started or how the company realized a problem and found a solution as a product or service you offer.

Additionally, you need to produce content that delivers value like publishing tips and technique for making the best use of your products, how your product works, etc. it is mandatory as a great majority of your potential customers need to know about the product before they form a decision to purchase it. a helpful article or a tutorial mend the gap between a user to the customer by providing relevant and useful tips.

2. Incorporate storytelling in your blog-posts

Writing your blog-posts like telling a story to your audience creates a spellbinding effect. The users never let down a post that starts with a creative touch and takes them throughout the story with smooth passage of well-written text.

Being creative in your blogs may require you to add a flair of fiction to your writings. It makes the copy alluring and compelling so that a reader keeps on the reader until the end. A story can be about anything that seems to be interesting for your audience. it can be a story about the struggle for life among one of your users as well.

Creative writers and vloggers can make better use of storytelling by sharing a post about behind the scene moments and jokes. Let the users connect with you by making them know the effort you put in bringing the brand, product, or content for them.

3. Deploy live chat Bot

The readers of a corporate blog tend to connect with the team after reading a tutorial post or upcoming arrival news. To answer their queries, you must be live around the clock. It may be different for a person to work on a blog while stay awake to listen to the audience as well.

A short and simple method is to deploy live chatbots that stay active to help your potential customers drop a message. These bots are programmed with answers against the commonly asked questions. When a user asks a question matching its record, the relevant answer is displayed.

If you want to serve potential customers with a human chat, you can find out peak hours when the users are more likely to interact. You can hire a chat assistant that specific session or handle the chat yourself. It will ensure the users are dealt with relevant answers so that they convert and place an order for a product.

4. Ask influencers for a shout out

Influencers like local personalities or celebrities have turned to blogging, vlogging, or microblogging on the social media service. Additionally, we have a grooming list of social media celebrities who have active and massive social media followings.

In fact, they have established their in-house marketing teams to project user reach and engagement. Therefore, they have an excitingly attractive post and a wide circulation. You can take benefit of their followers by reaching out to their account handlers and asking for a shout out.

Influencer marketing is among the powerful tools that not only drive you traffic but result in higher conversion rates as well. but, this can only happen, if you reach out to influential personalities who are working in a field relevant to your business.

For example, celebrities of famous tv shows or movies are can endorse your fashion, skin care, and hair care products. Motivational speakers are likely to recommend your books, blogs, training, or coaching classes. In the same manner, a social media entertainer can place your food brand in their videos and stories.

5. Do creative outreach

Blogging is not limited to creating and sharing content on your corporate blog. you can step up to outreach high authority blogs or websites in your niche, and ask them for the mention. They would mention your product or a helpful post in one of their upcoming story, and you may get quality traffic back to the website. Be creative in contacting your prospective clients as well.

6. Make the most out of current events

Current events have a lot to do with your business. Promoting your business for a specific event simply means inviting massive convertible traffic to your online store. You can find different ways for doing it, but blogging is the effective one.

Start with a compelling title and produce a comprehensive post about it. For reference, you can check out the strategy your competitor has used the last year. Therefore, you can move a step ahead of them by adding a flair of useful content with product suggestions.

To help your content creators and curators in covering upcoming events, you can set up Google alerts to know if someone is already covering a topic. You need to find the missing gap in their posts and answer them on your blog.

If you are working on products that have a connection with any upcoming event, you can produce various tutorials as for how your customers can use the products in Christmas holidays or New Year gatherings.

Final Verdict

Blogging can help you bring tons of traffic to your online store if done right. It all starts with creation and distribution of top-notch content. This is followed by a series of tips and tricks. Some of the important ones are discussed in this post, whereas you can try strategies of your own and let us know in the comments. Good Luck.

Posted by Khawar Abbas

Khawar Abbas
Khawar Abbas is an Online Marketing Specialist with more than 5 years of experience in Digital Media and is currently SEO Executive at Extendons, a leading e-commerce we development company. Over the years, Extendons has successfully delivered projects in WordPress, and WooCommerce shopping cart platforms. One of our most selling product is WooCommerce Registration Form Plugin. You can find him on the LinkedIn.

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