53 Essential Features to Include in Your Local Business Website

53 Essential Features to Include in Your Local Business Website

Designing the perfect website for a local business often turns out to be a daunting task. A local business differs from big businesses in many ways. Unfortunately, these differences are not properly reflected in most of the popular CMS platforms or custom made local business sites.

Nowadays, everybody knows the common web designing best practices. Among the plethora of similar sites, it's the subtle fine tunings that make the difference. So, to make sure that your local business site stands out from the crowd, you must be careful to not to miss the essential features that make your site most user-friendly for your potential customers.

Australian web design company WebAlive has recently published an infographic that presents a detailed list of these features. We think every local business site owners should check this infographic and make sure that their sites comply with the valuable guidelines provided here.

The infographic begins with some basic but crucial features that many local businesses often tend to ignore. These includes - choosing a country specific domain, having a clear navigation bar on each page, featuring a relevant heading etc. Then it goes into more technical features like integration of Google analytics, proper URL structuring, SEO best practices and LocalBusiness Schema.

These features are chosen based on extensive research on a number of successful local business sites. And there are also advices on things that a local business site should avoid. We are sure you will find this clearly presented infographic to be a useful guide for both you and your developer.

Posted by Liakat Hossain

Liakat Hossain
Liakat Hossain is a content marketing professional at WebAlive, an Australian web design and development company. He has been helping businesses grow with search and content marketing since 2011.

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