5 Web Development Mistakes You Might be Guilty of Making

5 Web Development Mistakes You Might be Guilty of Making

In a marketplace crowded by competitors, making your brand’s voice heard is one helluva daunting task. The competition elevates for the Internet businesses, and the slightest oversight leads to a state of affairs that can make you cringe.

The sappy web development mistakes give a serious blow to your website, irrespective of what domain it fits in. an if you happen to be owning a website, here are the things to circumvent:

Having No Clue about the Output You Want

Let’s be honest for once, what do you want from your website? Let’s say you are running a website that advertises the services your business offers.

A stat you must ingrain in your mind that not more than five percent of your visitors end up turning into your customers. With this sort of an average conversion rate, you would want to make sure that your website doesn’t plummet below this number.

  • Taking the example of service business forward, do not hide corner your contact details to a page that visitors aren’t inclined to click. Rather, putting it right there on top of the window is likely to bring in more numbers
  • For an eCommerce site owner, the cleverest way to ensure higher sales is to let their most popular product grab the centre stage.

No Search Bar

This one will never cease to amaze me, and quite disappointingly so. Why would you not have a search bar the site? Rather than looking for a particular category or topic on the navigation bar, your visitors would prefer typing it in the search bar instead and choose among the results that appear. Besides, when you have several articles centered on the same topic with the similar set of keywords, the search query will lead to all those articles to appear in the search result and there is every possibility that the visitor might end up visiting 3 pages when he intended to visit just one.

No Changing the Color of the Hyper links and Visited Links

Whilst, it is an appreciative strategy to embed hyperlinks in your posts with a hope that the user clicks on them and more website pages are advertised. However, those particular words need to be differentiated so that they can be noticed. Granted, that the default settings already keeps them in different hue as compared to the rest of the text, but red on black would definitely be more perceptible than blue on black.

Furthermore, changes the color of the links that already visited might make your visitor again click on the pages they didn’t find read-worthy when they first visited them. Now, making your visitor stumble upon a not-so-readable content once is a far more desirable prospect than making them unintentionally come across the same page more than once.

Going Overboard with Promotional Content

It’s your website, sell whatever you want to sell. But when it comes to selling ‘howsoever you want to sell it’ thing, know where to draw the line. Whenever there are banner ads speckled at the sidebars, right in the middle, on the top navigation bar of the site, be rest assured the visitors won’t be spending more than a few seconds navigating your site.

If yours is a content-driven website that focuses on articles, introducing design elements that more or less look like ads might just make the readers ignore them.

The Logo Design Oversights

So, you hired the connoisseurs of programming to develop your website. And designers didn’t do a bad job either to compliment the interface with impressive visual bits. But, are you sure you have the right logo? Logo design mistakes are seen in spades. Adorning the logo of your website with colors will give it a pretty self-indulgent and childish look. On the other hand, using too many fonts for the different pieces of text in your logo will muddle it all up. It’s understandable that you came across a bam burner of a logo and were absolutely awed by its style and uniqueness. It would be OK to get inspired by it and try something that’s unique and catches the eye. However, replicating the same with little touchups here and there and some changes in the colors isn’t going to take you far.

Apart from being totally original, the logo should send out a clear brand message. If you are creating a logo for some client, listen to what they have to say regarding what they want. Creating a slapdash of a logo will not help you in placing your brand in prospective customer’s mind

If not addressed, these website development mistakes can really hurt your chances of creating a separate space for your brand in the market. 

Posted by Maria Mincey

Maria Mincey

Maria is a highly skilled writer with an experience of over 10 years in writing about PHP and Zend. She works for Xicom technologies, a highly reliable name in the realm of Custom PHP Website Development Services.

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