5 Web Design Trends to Increase Website Traffic by 150%

5 Web Design Trends to Increase Website Traffic by 150%

Web design- A picture which tells a thousand words! Incorporating a perfect blend of graphics, texts, and innovative technology drags the attention of potential customers and in return, increases the web traffic. Dive into the article to know the 5 web design trends of 2020!

The calendar year has changed, so have the web design trends. “Better late than never”- The meaning of the phrase is now clear to the web designers as they have finally realized that an attractive web design is the best way to reach a wider audience. Good brand credibility & leads are the extra perks which await for a company.

Hello, readers! Welcome to another informative piece of information which highlights the best web design trends, which are all set to dominate the industry in 2020. Furthermore, choose the one that rightly fits your business requirement and get ready to boost the website traffic by 150%. Grab yourself a cup of coffee as you scroll down the page!

Attractive Website Designs You Just Can't Afford to Miss!

Gone are the days when websites were all about lengthy texts and simple pictures. The arrival of 2020 saw many online platforms which succeeded in breaking the shackles of the ‘traditional’ method with a pinch of creativity. Yes, you read that right! Innovation and creativity, when go hand-in-hand, are bound to create miracles. Without much ado, let us raise the curtain from the top designs. 1...2...3...let us begin!!!

1. DarkIs the New Bright: Switching to dark theme is one approach every designer should resort to. The fact that a darker theme reduces the eye’s strain and increases the visibility of accent colors is enough to grab the eye-balls of visitors. The popularity of the dark theme can also be known by the fact that the leading tech giants- Google & Apple are leaving no stone unturned in focusing on this UI design. Here are some tips before you switch to a darker theme:

  • Avoid using pure black color
  • Stay away from using saturated colors on dark theme
  • Permit users to switch from dark theme to regular mode


2. ImPERFECTION Adds PERFECTION: Here is a design trend which is already receiving applause from the user’s end. The usage of hand-drawn icons and written texts personifies the brand, as humanly as possible, and therefore, seeks the customer’s attention. And, let us not forget that each brand wants to stand out from its competitors. Another reason why this graphic design is gaining immense popularity in the designing community is that the generation of the authentic image has now become easy. So, get ready to embed your website with your imperfect emoticons, shapes, and texts, and win the heart of your customers. Brace yourself; leads are on their way :)


3. 3 Ds Can Add 3 Ws After A(Awww!): 3D web designs are creating a lot of stir in the designing world and for all the good reasons. On the one hand, the 3D elements look eye-appealing, and on the other hand, it bridges the gap between the digital world and reality. This graphic trend has currently come into the mainstream due to cost-effectiveness. The price of 3D modelling has dropped in the past few months, and hence, the demand has increased. In fact, Adidas, a leading sports company, also made its debut in the 3D space. A realistic look and futuristic touch are the two crucial characteristics which will increase the web traffic by 10 folds.


4. Precision Over Description: The arrival of 2020 also witnessed a major change in an essential aspect of a website, viz., navigation. The ‘simplistic’ designers are striving hard to reduce the website content for hitting the right chords. This has, indeed, facilitated easier navigation. Now, the customers are more grasped into knowing the business objectives rather than looking for options for switching from one page to another. Usage of big images with minimal texts has further helped in providing a visual treat to the viewers. ‘Navigate’ minimal to travel the journey leading towards ‘Web traffic.’


5. Photography+Graphics = Success: The golden rule is currently trending the popularity charts, and thus, it should not be missed. A combination of real photographs with graphics/illustrations adds extra charm, and helps in creating memorable visuals. The customized design assists in communicating a business idea well. Moreover, it is recommended that the brand personality should match with the illustrations and graphics. So, the time has come to let your creativity go wild and stand out from the crowd. Moreover, make sure to use minimal text for keeping the essence intact.


Wrapping It Up!!!

All good things must come to an end, so should this write-up. Reading so far, you must have known the 5 best web design trends to increase the web traffic by 150%. Now, the ball is in court. Resort to your favorite website design, and increase your customer outreach.

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