5 Ways to Optimize Mobile Apps For Better Performance

5 Ways to Optimize Mobile Apps For Better Performance

Smartphones and smart mobile applications have enormously transformed our lives and currently made us totally dependent on them!

When we talk about the development of smart applications, we just can’t ignore the importance of high-end performing application development that empowers these applications.
For the developers out there, it is necessarily crucial for them to emphasize more on the user experience and user interface that harmoniously engages the audience. Thus; you can’t expect your mobile app to hit the global markets if it isn’t good enough to leave an impression on the user’s mind at first glance!
Here are some fruitful ways that simply lend a hand in optimizing your applications for better performance and great user experience.

Work Precisely On Analytics

There are developers that aren’t actually worried about the requests of the end users. Adding analytics to your application simply provides you the feature requests and functionality related feedback that helps in optimizing the application.
A lot of developers ignore the importance of launching a beta version of their mobile application, which is the reason they face severe issues that hamper the market repute of the application when launched officially. It would be better to focus on improving the application by considering the flaws that some of the users are facing just because your application isn’t optimized adequately.
Your application may perform great on some of the devices while others may face some glitches. As per the expert designers out there, you should include a feedback feature during the initial launch of the application so that you can get adequate reviews about the performance in various devices.

Optimize the Images

Optimize Images on mobile app

The biggest blunder that you can make with your mobile application is not optimizing the images for size. The bigger the images in your application the slower would be the performance. The designers sometimes choose high-quality images that are actually required in the application but ignoring their optimization could be fatal.
Huge images increase the overall size of the application and significantly affect their performance. Apart from this, the devices that can’t offer adequate main memory to load the application could face severe performance-related glitches that affect the user experience and in the long run, impacts your business revenues.
You can use free online tools that could be quite helpful in optimizing the images and info-graphics that you are using in your mobile application. These tools don’t affect the overall quality of the images and one can expect the same quality pictures with decreased size.

Analyzing the Performance on different Network Speed

Analyze performance for mobile apps

Many times the developers and the testing professionals ignore the importance of testing the application on different internet speeds. There are several cases on the basis of which you can improve the performance of your app. It has been seen that some devices don’t deliver the adequate performance of the application while the device is connected to a wireless network or a mobile network.
This is a serious matter of concern if you are providing online services through your application, which eventually needs the availability of data. Thus; precise testing of the application should be done while you are using the device on a WiFi network or a mobile network. This would ensure that the user doesn’t face any glitch while they are using your application for the specified purpose.
If we talk about the user experience, well, you can’t convince the audience that your application is doing great while the network connection is the real culprit. Make sure you perform these network-related tests before you deploy your application on the official stores of the respected development platforms.

Adequate Performance Monitoring

Adequate Performance Monitor

There are tools that simply help you in monitoring the overall performance of the application while it is being used on a device. This could be the best way to figure out the areas that require adequate alterations while you are about to launch an application for user engagement.
One can get precise reports regarding the application’s load-bearing capacity, average loading time, and the things that need to alter from the developer’s end to stabilize the application. Furthermore, it won’t be a bad decision for you to analyze the application manually on different devices that again gives you the idea regarding the flaws in your application.
Sometimes a little negligence towards the aspects that contribute to degrading the performance of your application could be the reason you may witness severe glitches that can affect your audience.

Write Crisp Code

It is important for the developers that are creating an application that can cater the needs of the audience to write a scalable code that hardly impacts the performance at any instance. There could be nothing worse than a code that isn’t optimized and crashes every now and then.
Hence the developer needs to ensure that their code runs adequately and follows the right hierarchy so that if there is a need for any changes, it can be implemented accordingly. Sometimes you may witness that the code looks absolutely fine but may lead to some severe errors while you are testing the same on a device. Hence, you have to be sure enough that you test your code on a beta version of your application.
It would be a great decision to launch the beta version for the audience so that you can get adequate feedback regarding the changes that are essentially important.


You cannot just expect your application to be a huge hit among the targeted audience if the aspects mentioned-above aren’t adequately followed. You can get the desired performance out of your application if you follow these simple steps.

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