5 Ways to Make Your Company Website More Secure

5 Ways to Make Your Company Website More Secure

Hackers are developing their skills and systems every single day and because of that, all companies should ensure that their website is secure.

These attacks can damage the reputation of a company and even erase the company’s online presence.
There are various types of cyberattacks a company website might encounter. These include sensitive data exposure, injection and cross-site scripting. These attacks can cripple your entire setup, especially when the business you are running is dependent on its online presence. Therefore, it is essential to consider security when building a business site.
What can businesses do to make their company website more secure? Here are five best guidelines to help you do that.

Choose the perfect website host

Like any brick and mortar structure, you need to have a solid foundation to start building on. With websites, it is no different. To build a secure website, companies need to have a solid foundation, which is their website host. Choosing the right website host is very important even if you follow these safety tips.
If the hosting company isn’t highly secure, all your efforts will go in vain. The natural choice for most people at this point is going with the cheapest solution that has the basic features. Sometimes, the cheapest website host may not be as secure as the competitor company that costs a little extra.
As a business owner, when faced with this choice, you should consider that your company is a way you make a livelihood. If you lose business, your life may be turned upside down. So, what are a couple of extra dollars when compared to the entire business?
Mary Laker, who works for UK dissertation, a thesis and custom essay writing service stresses on the importance of choosing a quality hosting service. She advises to choose a reputable hosting service to secure your website. Additionally, opt for a host that offers automatic backups to ensure that all data is safe and secure.
She says, ‘’the nature of business that we are in where there’s a strong need to keep the student data confidential. The number of files that an assignment service save, share and process on a daily basis, secure hosting holds great importance.

Use an SSL certificate

Transmitting data safely on the internet is not something that is 100% certain, but the odds of data interception can be minimized exponentially. Using Secure Sockets Layer certificates (SSL Certificate), websites can encrypt the data being sent, instead of sending it as easily readable plain text.
SSL certificates are widely used in the eCommerce industry because of the sensitive information provided by consumers, such as banking details and address.
SSL can be used in a wide range of applications to help secure any data being transmitted. Online forms should also be given special consideration on this point as they include personal information.
SSL certificates protect you in the event of hackers intercepting admin login details or other details pertaining to the site you’re running.

Create strong admin passwords

Using strong passwords seems like a no-brainer to most people. Creating passwords is where a lot of people usually get it wrong by using easy-to-guess passwords that will grant even not-so-expert hackers administrator power over the site. These passwords include ones like wendys123, admin1, or passwordpassword.
The truth is that it is very convenient to remember these passwords, and it’s also easy for hackers to crack them. When hackers use Bruteforce to penetrate websites with such easy passwords, the security system will fall like a house of cards. Put in some work into coming up with a hard to hack password that you can easily remember.

Update the website system regularly

If your website runs on a Content Management System (CMS), it needs to be updated regularly and those updates come with new security patches. The biggest CMS providers like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla have regular updates that should be downloaded by all users.
It is important to get these updates because they not only focus on the cosmetic appearance and usability of the CMS, but they strengthen the security. The pain about this is that it should be done every once in a while, because, just like any other software, CMS’ become vulnerable and should be fixed.
Businesses need to update their website’s system to block out intruders that have the potential to end their business or bleed them dry with ransomware. Always check out the site or app store you got the CMS for new updates and ensure that you update.

Allow certain IPs access admin logins only

Allowing specific IP addresses to access admin logins can seem very advanced and hard to accomplish. However, it is achievable and you can do it yourself by researching how to do so on the specific CMS you’re using.
You may need to use plugins in some cases, but configuring the CMS usually does it and works perfectly. You can also allow a particular IP address range only to gain access to admin logins. That will block out hackers from all around the globe and even the one next door.
Although this might mean that you’re saying goodbye to remote workers posting on the site, it is a small compromise as it beefs up the security of your site.

The bottom line

The security of company websites is very important and should be treated as such. Tactics on how to avoid untenable results in cyberspace are always be upgraded, which means you have to keep tabs on new developments in website security. If you recognize the importance of website security, that will be manifested by taking practical measures to protect your company site.

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