5 Ways How Cloud CRM Can Help Your Business

5 Ways How Cloud CRM Can Help Your Business

If you are a business owner or belongs to sales/ marketing/ customer support team it is obvious that you have at least heard the word CRM.

Using a CRM for business has already been proven to increase the quality leads, sales team productivity which in turn increase in sales. All these would in turn increase your revenue. So, if it worked for all other businesses regardless of size or sector a CRM should work for your business also when used efficiently. There are many types of ready made CRM's available in the market and you can select one or get one customized according to your business requirements. In the world of CRM's there is one term creating lot of buzz in the recent days - " CLOUD CRM"
Cloud CRM as the name indicates is a CRM software which is hosted in the cloud. Cloud CRM offers unique benefits when compared to the CRMs that are installed on our servers. Here are the 5 ways a Cloud CRM can benefit your business.

Installation and Maintenance:

If you are already using a CRM that is installed in your server you would have already known this installation process is quite complex. But cloud CRM is as easy as plug and play, you have internet connection, that's it you can use your CRM. The maintenance part of cloud CRM is also simple when compared to the hassles you would face in maintaining the server hosted CRM which would require the hardware and software to be maintained from your side.

Accessibility and Flexibility:

CRM is more often used by sales and marketing professional who are always on the go meeting customers and new business prospects. A CRM that can be accessed from anywhere can become a great benefit to the. Since cloud CRM is hosted in cloud all the data can be accessed from anywhere in the world at anytime with just internet connection.
Also the cloud CRM's are highly flexible when it comes to extending the features or the load. If you are just a small business just starting ou you can opt for limited space and features. The space can be easily upgraded to handle the increased load with the addition of new employees are data. Also it is easier to enhance and add new features to the cloud CRM when compared to ading new features to stand alone CRM.

Cost effectiveness:

A normal CRM would require you to spend for server, maintenance and other hardware components. With the rate of security it provides, flexibility of offers every penny you spend on a cloud CRM would be worth it. And since it easy to enhance your cloud CRM anytime as your business grows you do not have to invest a lot in the beginning. You can pay for only what you need and enhance your features as your business and users grow.


After implementing, CRM would be one of the most important asset of your company carrying the most important data, one can never imagine it to get crashed. The probability of facing this situation with cloud CRM is almost null since the data is backed up time to time securely. Cloud is one of the most secure platform which provides advance security avoiding any data breach. Also, with clod CRM you can control the access of data for different level of employees in your own company.

Customer Relationship:

Customers are our greatest assets and we should always be able to connect with them regardless of time and should be able to provide support 24/7. With cloud based CRM which would provide you the 24/7 access facility it would be easy for you to get access for the customer data anytime and helps in providing them the support.
So, A cloud CRM is a cost effective, secure and flexible which provides you better insights on your data and make it easy to follow the leads and provide your customers on time and better support. Which in turn increases customer loyalty and sales. Invest in the best cloud CRM today to skyrocket your sales and business.

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