5 Tips to Avoid Generic-Sounding Recruitment Emails

5 Tips to Avoid Generic-Sounding Recruitment Emails

After sourcing the right candidates, perhaps the most important step of real estate recruitment is establishing initial contact.

This part is crucial because this is where someone can either become interested in pursuing an application or completely turned off. This means that you need to polish your skills in writing recruiting emails. After all, for recruiters in the real estate industry and beyond, email is usually the first point of contact with potential candidates.

It might be second-nature for most, but you’ll be surprised at just how many recruiters write generic-sounding emails that don’t get responses (if they’re opened at all). To avoid this mistake, here are a few tips that can help point you in the right direction:

Use Templates

It seems contradictory to say that using templates can help you avoid writing a generic email, but it actually does! That’s because templates can serve as a jump-off point if you’re at a loss on what to do. Moreover, many email templates are specifically constructed to avoid common mistakes. All that’s left for you to do is to personalize the details based on the candidates’ information.

It can be helpful if you acquire real estate tools like CRM software. For example, Brokerkit features a host of tools and built-in email campaign templates that you can customize the way you want. Another great thing about using templates is that it can reduce the time you spend in personalizing emails.

Try Going for Warm Instead of Cold Emails

Cold emails are impersonal in nature because you don’t have a prior relationship with the recipient. It also focuses on the details of the job and what your brokerage has to offer to real estate agents. Done correctly and sent at the right moment, cold emails can work effectively and result in conversions.

However, if you find that your cold emails aren’t working as well as expected, you can switch tactics and send warm emails instead. Warm emails, unlike their cold counterparts, is a more personal kind of recruiting email which focuses on the candidate. You’ll still talk about the job and the brokerage, but you need to frame it so that you’re highlighting what the candidate can add to the company. This is opposed to writing an email that mainly talks about the benefits a real estate agent will get if they work with you.

Write for Smartphones

Nowadays, people are spending more and more time on their smartphones. Moreover, they’re using their smartphones not just for leisure but also for work and business. Real estate agents, in particular, are always on the go and thus are more likely to check their emails on their phones. That’s why you need to craft recruitment emails that specifically look good and easy to read on mobile devices.

How do you do this? First, be straightforward. Don’t add any details that you will eventually discuss in a personal meeting later on. Tell them who you are, why you’re emailing them, and what you want them to do next. If your email takes too long to read or has too many elements that take a while to load, it might get sent directly to the trash bin.

Be Careful About Signatures

Speaking of using smartphones for work and business, you’re also likely working from a mobile device from time to time. If you end up sending an email through your phone, make sure to double-check the mobile signature. Usually, the default option indicates that you have sent the email using a mobile device.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with mobile signatures, it might give the recipient a wrong impression. That is, they might think that they don’t warrant enough time for you to construct a “proper” email. To be on the safe side, turn off the mobile signature feature and instead customize a signature to use on all of your official communications.

Check Your Usage of Jargon and Other Buzzwords

Credibility is a big thing when it comes to real estate agents choosing a brokerage to work for. However, there’s also something to be said about going overboard about the use of industry jargon and buzzwords. Pepper your email with too much of them and it will not sound credible but rather pretentious.

Make sure to reread your recruiting emails for a last round of editing before you send them. If available, have a second party do this task. A fresh set of eyes will be better at catching errors that may have slipped through the cracks. While they’re at it, have them check your emails for typos and grammatical errors as well to ensure a professional output.

It’s also a good thing to remember that if your recruitment email doesn’t get a reply, it doesn’t always mean that you’ve been rejected. Sometimes, the recipient just needs more time to consider the offer. The email may have also arrived mistakenly in the spam folder due to certain filter settings. Be diligent in following up and try other channels of communication before ruling out a candidate.

Good luck!

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