5 Tactics to Book for More Meetings for Your B2B Lead Generation Agency

5 Tactics to Book for More Meetings for Your B2B Lead Generation Agency

Generating quality leads is the cornerstone of an effective B2B marketing strategy. In generating leads, you need to focus on providing value and show your product or service is the answer to your audience’s pain points.

You now know the necessity of identifying your target audience, creating your unique selling proposition, and having great content. What you need to do next is to develop tactics, and what you are about to read are five lead-generation tactics that can consistently give you results. 

Tactic #1 – Use CTAs

Using effective CTAs can drive leads to your website, and it is an effective way to get the chance to educate your audience about what you offer. As soon as they feel ready to get more information, the simple action they need to take is to click your CTA button. Then you can go straight to giving them details on why your product/service is the perfect solution to their problem. 

Another way is by using a CTA to drive the audience to share content. Add a button that prompts users to share your content. Keep your content interesting and valuable, so your audience will not think twice about sharing it on their Instagram and Facebook pages. Ultimately, their network of followers becomes your leads. 

Effective CTAs are generally action-oriented. Being action-oriented, CTAs spell out what you want your audience to do. Why does this strategy work? It is because it takes out the guesswork on what they have to do next. 

Listed below are CTA buttons that help in engaging traffic to websites: 

  • Try for free
  • Learn more
  • Get started 
  • Join us

Different companies use different CTAs for their website, and using CTAs is beneficial in their ad campaigns. All marketers should use this strategy in their ad campaigns.

Tactic #2 – Use Appointment Scheduling Software

Successful salespersons make it easy to close deals by using software in scheduling appointments. The tool allows your potential customers to click a link that lands them on your calendar page. There, they can select the most convenient date and time for them to have a meeting with you.  

Such a strategy makes appointment scheduling easy and takes away the burden of sending emails back and forth that typically comes with scheduling a meeting. 

Appointment scheduling software performs various tasks that help a lot in lead-generation campaigns. Besides providing information on slots available to prospective clients, the software handles many aspects of client management. 

For instance, it helps with recording your interactions with current clients. If an existing client calls you, you will see his name, along with details of the call, right on your screen. 

If you miss the call, the software will record the incident, and it will add the caller’s name to the list of new leads in the CRM. 

It also works for old customers that have not interacted with you in a while. In that case, the software will automatically send invitations to them and connect with them by scheduling a phone call or via email. 

Tactic #3 – Use Sales Engagement Software

Sales engagement software will help streamline your sales process and effectively manage your sales messaging by integrating communication tools and channels. 

A sales engagement tool can get your team a long way by making your processes a thousand times easier than what CRM and emailing software can provide.

Here is the difference:

  • Elimination of manual tasks

Such software eliminates manual work as it can add a layer of automation on top of the CRM that you might be already using. This reinforcement eliminates repetitive tasks, which, in turn, makes your marketing workforce more productive.

  • Lead generation 

The software also works for generating leads, and it works specifically in terms of the buyer’s intent. 

Your prospects are in different stages of their buying journey. Some of them have high intent and would want to meet with you to buy, while others have low buying intent. 

You, therefore, need to design a different set of activities for each group, which sales management software can provide. Your software should detect different levels of intent and execute an appropriate set of engagement activities for all your prospects.

Businesses use sales engagement software to automate their email, LinkedIn, and telephone in one platform. It can make your reporting much simpler and allows you to manage your entire marketing team in one place. 

It is the ideal strategy to implement if you want to book more meetings with new leads. 

Tactic #4 – Follow Up to Reduce No-Shows

Ask any marketer about no-shows, and they will tell you it is one thing that they expect to happen now and then. You may not eliminate no-shows, but there are ways to reduce them to a healthy level for your business. 

One strategy that works is following up strategically. Write a follow-up email. Call again and offer new information. Engage a new with questions and ideas that give more value. 

Schedule meetings that add value and tell them in advance what the meeting is about and provide them a reason to show up. A day or two ahead of the meeting, sit down and craft a friendly reminder email. Tell them you look forward to meeting them. 

Ask for confirmation. If a potential customer cannot make it, ask for a reschedule. Use automated follow-up emails to reschedule the meeting. 

Tactic #5 – Offer a Free Trial, Assessment, or Demo

Free offers are some of the best ways you can gauge interest among your target audience. 

Consider these strategies: 

  • Provide a link to a free self-assessment page. On that page, they will answer questions to assess if your offer is the perfect product for them. 
  • Use a demo to explain your product/service. Through this, you can offer some immediate value. Remind your audience that this is only a taste of what you can offer. 
  • Giving out freebies is an excellent strategy to increase business. Give out freebies that keep your name right in front of your audience, such as pens, mini-flashlights, note pads, and so on. 
  • Provide time and space for feedback when giving a free offer. It is one way to know the improvements that need to be done and learn the best practices for generating leads in your industry. 

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