5 Startup Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Avoid the Desk

5 Startup Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Avoid the Desk

While most startup companies find their owners slaving away for long hours behind a desk, or otherwise setting up a home office to best fulfill their business plans, other entrepreneurs might deem this their worst nightmare.

For some people, the idea of being tied behind a desk is an anathema, which is why – if you’re setting your sights on developing your own business and being your own boss – you want your working environment to be the perfect one for you.
While any startup business will require you to spend some time in front of a screen in order to optimize your online presence and marketing strategy, here are some helpful business ideas for those individuals who want the bulk of their work to be physical, or requires time spent in different locations.

Personal Fitness Trainer

Possibly the ultimate solution for people who want to be physically active and avoid sitting down for long periods of time is to become a personal fitness trainer. By developing your own business as a personal trainer, you will be tailoring fitness plans for your clients, whilst staying in top form yourself. Always make sure you contact an insurance provider like Hiscox to get the right personal trainer liability cover. If you’re a fitness junkie anyway and have valuable health knowledge, why not turn it into a respectable business?

Become a Tutor

If you have specialized knowledge in a particular area, you could find yourself traveling to many different places, such as student’s homes or public spaces, to tutor privately. This means meeting many different people and being able to move about on a daily basis, instead of being stationed in one place. This also gives you the freedom to set your working radius, your rates, and handpick your students to get the best situation for both you and your learners.

Tour Guide

If you know a specific area like the back of your hand and have a knack for great customer experience and educational promotion, a tour guide business could be a rewarding career avenue to go down. This would also give you the opportunity to learn about new places, as well as enable you to travel in order to conduct tours and meet new people. Furthermore, it would see you on your feet in the community rather than based in an office.

Blogging or Writing

While you may perceive freelance writing to mean you are chained to a desk producing content, this is not the case. The freedom of remote and freelance writing means you can fulfill your obligations wherever you like, from anywhere in your country – or even the world. You can complete your work from a beach café, a mountain retreat, or your back garden on a sunny day.

Animal Care

An animal care startup business may see you building a client base of individuals who need your services to help them walk their dogs or look after pets based in different locations, such as on farms or clients’ homes. You could also expand to offer further services such as grooming, which means you can travel around and offer this service at a client’s home, rather than being stationed at solitary business premises and having them come to you.

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