5 Simple Steps to an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

5 Simple Steps to an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods for streamline communications and engagement with the marketers.

If you follow an effective marketing strategy then it will help you to make a profit and reach your goals in the specific industry. Email marketing remains the best way to get connected with your target prospects. An effective email marketing strategy will work efficiently to promote your products.
By following this 5 steps your marketing efforts will increase and you can create a better sales for your business.

  • Set the Timing to Send an Email
  • Call to Action
  • Personalize Your Email
  • Optimize For All Devices
  • Social Media is the proof

1. Set the Timing to Send an Email

In email marketing sending an email at right time is the effective method to engage with prospects. Let’s take a look at what time is the best to send an email. According to the data report, most of the business emails open between 8 am to 5 pm and the promotional and personal emails will open between 8 pm to midnight.
People check their personal emails before going to bed. So, the best time is sending a personal email is after 8 pm. The email open rates are less than 8% in the early morning time. If you send an email at 2 am to 6 am it will directly send through the trash folder.
The open rates of the email are not only considered the sending time it also considers the subject line and the way you create a design and content formation.
Schedule your email timings to target your subscribers based on the type of email you’re sending because it varies for different industries.

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2. Call to Action

Call to Action buttons is the most effective buttons that will collect the customer’s mind and concentration. The simple way to improve conversions is placing a call to action button in your email it should be apt for the customers need.
Create curiosity; offer some discounts, deals like click for 50% off, here is the deal, win a trip and so on. Use bright colors for the CTA buttons to attract the people. A good CTA can make readers attention and it will convert the click to conversion.

3. Personalize Your Email

The personalization of email with the customer name will make your email could be useful for the readers. The content that you send through email should be relevant to the users. By personalizing the emails the customers feel more comfortable to read and respond. The personalization emails will increase the sales opportunities.
The personalization doesn’t mean sending the email with customer names it also means the email message or content should be personalized with the relevancy of the customer need. These emails will make a good relationship with the subscribers.
With a targeted email list segment and create a customer list and send a personalized email that will be more effective to interact with customers and generate a new sales leads.

4. Optimize For All Devices

Nowadays most of the people checking emails in mobile. So, we need to create a design and optimize the email for the mobile version. People will stay and spend some time to read the email only if the email design and CTA should be apt for the mobile device or tablet. The responsive designs make them feel good experience.

  • Your email should be one column template
  • Call to action button pixel should be 44 that would be easy to tap
  • Concentrate on the character limit that should be 30 or less than that

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Optimized email can increase the chances of converting subscribers to customers. If the customer feels the user-friendly experience definitely they will view the content and spend time on that. The email looks good based on the responsive design.

5. Social Media is the proof

Social Media is a powerful weapon to engage with people. Around 85% of web users are social media users. They are looking into fun and entertainment stuff.
If the peoples are looking for something then they will look ahead into reviews and ratings of the particular through that they will come to know about that. These social media ratings can help to promote the products or services.

Peoples are considering the social network ratings as a proof for the thing they are looking for to purchase or do something. Social network like Facebook, Twitter tells the customers to how the products are and the customer satisfaction and all.
If you use the social network as a proof in your email marketing that will be free promotion for your email marketing campaign.


Email marketing strategies will help you to generate and increase sales. Send different emails that are personalized and optimized for multiple devices. If you follow and implement these 5 steps of effective marketing strategy your customer will be more responsive and your campaign performance will improve your business.

  • Create some social media networks landing pages in your promotional emails
  • Offer some bonus and credit points to subscribe your email list
  • Create and share the quality content

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