5 Reasons Why Quality eCommerce is Essential

5 Reasons Why Quality eCommerce is Essential

If you have an online-based business, or sell products online as well as in your physical store, having a brilliant website with quality eCommerce functions is vital.

If your website looks messy, confusing and the transaction process is complicated or appears to be suspicious in any way, this will be immediately off-putting to any potential customers. You must make sure your website is professional in appearance, easy to navigate and is suitable for phones as well as computers and tablets. You must also make sure you’re using the best possible eCommerce tools available on your website, and here’s why.

1.Easy for Customers

People want to buy products easily, especially when purchasing goods online. They don’t want to go through page after page, set up specific accounts or answer a million questions before they can make a purchase. By having a top-quality eCommerce website, customers will be happy to come back time and time again because they know how easy it is to buy their favourite products from your website.

2.Added Security

Another essential feature that your customers are looking for is knowing that they can make secure transactions online. Unfortunately, there are many scammers out there who often use online shopping as a way to carry out their crimes. Having a secure eCommerce function on your website will help to put shoppers at ease and know that their money and information is safe when shopping on your website.

3.Effective Data Analysis

Most websites will have a ‘dashboard’ that the site administrator (you) can access. This will let you view data analytics on your site regarding how many visitors your site gets each day/week and how high the bounce rate is. It will also show you how many links were clicked and how people are locating your website (for example, search engines, social media). If you have a good eCommerce function incorporated into your website, you will also be able to identify which products sell best, look at customers' shopping patterns and use this information to better market your products.

4.Builds Customer Relationships

Having a good eCommerce website can be hugely beneficial to improving the business–customer relationship. Not only will shoppers be impressed with how easy it is to buy their favourite items from your website, but because you can access all of this useful data, you can then improve their overall shopping experience, too. You can make recommendations based on their past purchases and make it feel more personal to them.

5.Helps You Manage Your Finances

Part of making smart business decisions is looking at where you’re best off investing your money. As a quality eCommerce website will give you access to a wealth of information, you can use this to make a better-informed investment decision. For example, if you have recently spent £2,000 on a specific product to sell on your online store, but only sold £20 worth of it in the last six months, is it worth restocking when you finally sell out? Probably not. This information from good eCommerce tools can aid you in making good financial decisions for your business.

Don’t underestimate the power of quality eCommerce – make sure your website has these in place in order for your business to achieve success.

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