5 Marketing Strategies to Increase Mobile Conversion Rates

5 Marketing Strategies to Increase Mobile Conversion Rates

We are now well into 2018 and, beyond the horizon, the tech gurus predict that is going to be another great year for online business owners and ecommerce entrepreneurs.

The online business industry is expected to go through numerous changes this year and customers will continue to have more control over the buying process. More and more features are being explored at an incredible speed helping ecommerce webs to stay relevant and inspiring. Moreover, retailers are also going an extra mile to achieve customer centricity in an attempt to cut through the noise and clutter. Some retailers are talking about Omni channels, same day deliveries, drone shipping and technology will continue to play an important role in the sustenance of the ecommerce industry.

Internet Marketing Challenges 2018- Expectations and Predictions

As 2018 moves in, digital marketers should also update themselves by planning and strategizing new and innovative ideas to stay competitive. The competition in ecommerce is expected to get more intense as thousands of new websites are pouring into the internet every day. This means that digital marketers have to take some desperate measures to ensure that their websites are highly visible in relevant search results. Moreover, the rise of multi device content consumption and the visible shift of ecommerce to mcommerce will be the biggest challenge for marketers in the coming years.

In the expert roundup post conducted by Shane Barker, the top influential internet marketers admit to the fact that SEO landscape will continuously evolve and there is no other option for marketers than to keep up with the mobile optimization.

Julie Joyce (internet marketing expert, CEO Link Fish Media) believes that mobile optimization is going to be critical from now on. Ian Lurie (internet marketing guru, CEO Portent) anticipates that a mobile friendly ecommerce web design will play a bigger role in SEO as Google is now mature to switch to mobile friendly index.

Top Mobile Marketing Strategies

Today, more people access the internet on mobile phones than desktop. So a well defined mobile marketing strategy is no longer an option, it’s a must have. And now marketers have finally realized this fact and are spending their budgets to target customers on mobile phones. MarketingLand states that by 2019, mobile advertising will be on the top and is expected to represent 72% of all U.S. digital ad spending.

As a beginner in the industry, you might not have too much budget to spare on mobile marketing. However, there are some simple and easy to implement marketing strategies that you can apply to improve your mobile conversion rates.

1. Create a mobile Friendly Content

Creating a mobile friendly content is a tricky business. The reason is that you don’t have the luxury of a PC screen to display long deceptive headlines. When you are writing for mobile, make your headlines brief, short and persuasive.

Here are some tips to create a mobile friendly content,

  • Optimize text by understanding pattern of how people consume content on mobile phones
  • Use short words, short titles and short paragraphs
  • Use white spacing to chuck content for easy reading

2. Text Messages - SMS Marketing

SMS marketing has been around us for years and is popular among big and small business alike. It is estimated that almost 41% of mobile phone users use their cell phones for text messaging. The best thing about SMS marketing is that you can easily track people who open your message, find out what links they clicked and how many people simply ignored the message. Moreover, SMS marketing ensures immediate delivery and gives you an opportunity to personalize the message.

3. Take Social Media to Your Advantage

The power of social media is no secret. Do you know what percentage of people access social media on mobile phones? According to social media examiner, Pinterest users are 92% mobile; Twitter has 86% mobile users; Facebook has 68% mobile users, and Tumblr is 46% mobile. The chemistry between social media and mobile marketing is so perfect that some even call it as a marriage made in heavens

Here are some tips to target customers on social media platforms via mobile devices,

  • Make Social media Tabs accessible and ensure a good user interface to better engage with your customers.
  • Install responsive themes or make a few changes to design a mobile friendly blog.
  • Target customers on WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat and all social media platforms that users mostly use on mobile phones.

4. Optimize Emails For Mobile

Over the past couple of years, email opens via mobile phones have seen explosive growth. When it comes to creating a successful email marketing campaign in general, it’s all about your target audience. However in order to optimize emails for mobiles, here are some best practices,

  • Use enlarged fonts to enhance readability and call to actions must be clear
  • Streamline content and get rid of the less useful or relevant links, copy, and images.
  • Use image block tools to optimize your emails to be viewed without images.
  • Use Well Designed Templates to Look Professional

5. Ensure a Smooth Mobile Friendly Checkout

Checkout process is the most sensitive part of the sales funnel. If the customers face any kind of inconvenience in the checkout process, he will not only abandon the purchase but will also abandon the website. Checkout process directly depends on the payment gateway extension that you have integrated into your store. There a lot of extensions developed by third parties, and if your current extension is not mobile friendly then you must upgrade.


As ecommerce is slowly shifting to mcommerce, it is imperative that you develop a well defined mobile marketing strategy. There is a lot you can do to increase mobile conversion rates, and I have planned another article where we will discuss some more tips to improve mobile optimization. If you know some mobile marketing hacks, do share with us in the comment section below.

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Zeeshan Khalid
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