5 Killer Tips to Help Grow Your SaaS Business Quickly and Expertly

5 Killer Tips to Help Grow Your SaaS Business Quickly and Expertly

"Your Software-as-a-service is a service (not product)" Dominique Levin

The mistake many SaaS businesses make is treating their SaaS as a product their users buy rather than a service their customers need to use.

While other businesses focus on selling their products, your focus as a SaaS business should be getting your customers to use your service either by signing up for your free demo or committing to the paid version of your software.

This is because a Saas business is a lot different from other types of companies, and since it is different, the approach to marketing and scaling has to be different.

This article will show you five unconventional marketing strategies you can adopt to see exponential growth in your SaaS business.

Let's get started.

5 Unusual growth strategies for your SaaS business


Acquiring exceptional growth with your SaaS business comes with introducing these five unique tips into your SaaS business strategy. Find out what they are below:

1.Get an SEO expert


Search Engine Optimization is vital to scaling your SaaS business. It gives your brand exposure, drives qualified leads to your website, and helps you get faster results with your goals.

SEO optimization is how you move from the back seat in your industry to the number one SaaS brand users go to for their SaaS solutions.

How? SEO makes you noticeable. It improves your rankings, so your users find you first before they find your competitors.

However, SEO comes with its intricacies and technicalities, so it is advisable to get the help of expert SEO brands like Skale.

Skale is a SaaS marketing agency committed to helping you scale your business with effective SEO strategies.

Their team of link builders and SEO strategists help you with conversion rate optimization, technical SEO auditing, SEO-on page optimization, keyword research, and lots more.

These activities help you acquire the visibility you need to scale as a SAAS business. They give your content readership a boost because your audience can find your website or blog easily when they search on Google.

Most importantly, they help you achieve your ultimate goals- increased sign-ups and customer retention.

Scaling as a SaaS business is easier when you are noticeable by your audience, and hiring the services of an SEO expert helps you achieve that.

2.Improve your content marketing strategy


If you want to grow your SaaS business, you must prioritize producing valuable content marketing for your users which is why 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing.

So, how do you improve your content marketing strategy for better results? The first thing you need to do is to create content for people rather than search engines.

Create content your readers need by researching their most searched topics in your industry and write about them.

Also, make your content scannable by including subheadings, including bullet points, and writing with clarity, so your readers find your content easy to consume.

Create helpful tutorials and articles about how to use your software or service to help your users navigate your products better.

A content marketing strategy geared toward "serving" your customers with helpful tips produces better results than a content strategy geared toward urging your users to buy.

Providing valuable content is a subtle way to show your customers that you care about their problems and needs rather than getting your product sold, which is the best way to build trust and improve sales.

3.Make sign up easy


As a SaaS business, tons of your efforts are channeled towards getting users to sign up for a free trial, so they can use your product.

In this case, the commitment you require from your prospects isn't monetary; rather, it's their data and the time and effort required to complete the sign-up process.

If you make the sign-up rigorous for your prospects, then you give them the chance to give signing up to your service a second thought.

Your prospects are looking to get a quick and seamless experience with you, so if you make the process tiresome, they will begin to consider if your product is worth it.

So, make the sign-up process easy by sticking to the information you truly need to complete the process. Ignore the urge to request extra information that prolongs the sign-up activity.

If you realize there is lots of mandatory information to fill, rather than put all the requirements on the first page, create a two-step sign-up process.

For example, your customer's name and email could be on the first page, while their credit details and other information can be on the second page.

This will make the process less overwhelming and encourage your prospects to complete the sign-up process.

4.Ask for referrals

Referrals are great for improving your subscribers and retaining subscribers. Research reveals that leads from referrals have a 30% higher conversion rate than the leads from other marketing channels.

It also reveals that referred customers have a  37% higher retention rate than customers from other marketing sources. Therefore, invite your existing users to refer other brands they know to your product when they visit your site or receive your emails.

A good way to get your customers to refer is to state the incentive of a referral. So, tell them what they will be getting, and tell them how long the offer will last.

To make your referral program more effective, make the process easy. For example, consider making it a one-click process so your customers don't find it cumbersome and stop mid-way.

In addition, don't stop at displaying your referral programs on your site or emails. Promote your referral program across several social media platforms, and make it known at every opportunity you get.

This will attract existing users to refer to your product and also captivate your prospects' interest, get them to sign-up, and invite other brands to do the same.

5.Monitor your customers' success

Remember, your goal as a SaaS company doesn't end at getting your customers to sign-up and commit to using your product; your plan entails retaining these subscribers.

An effective way to boost your customer retention as a SaaS business is to track your customers' success.

How well is your product fulfilling your customers' needs? How easy are they finding your product to use?

Build a system that monitors your customers' progress with your service. This system will help identify the challenges your users are facing with your product and identify the subscribers who don't use your product frequently and why they don't.

By doing this, you will gather insights that will help you improve your users' experience to enhance customer retention.

In addition, tracking your customers' success can help you discover the features your users aren't using, so you can sensitize them about these features.

When you track your customers' activities with your product, you can get them to do more with your product. You will also be able to create better experiences that turn them into loyal subscribers.

Things to put in place before scaling your SaaS business


There are certain things you need to get out of the way to grow your SaaS business successfully. Check them out below:

1.Identify your target market

To get results with your SaaS business, you need to know who needs your product. If you don't do this, you will be trying to sell to everyone, and you will be unable to get anyone to use your service.

Therefore, figure out who your ideal market is before you create your SaaS growth strategy. This will help you create a focused system on your ideal market to achieve the right outcome.

2.Build an efficient sales and marketing team

 Having the right sales and marketing team is important to grow an effective SaaS strategy.

Your sales and marketing team should understand how to attract your target market using innovative and cutting-edge methods that drive real results.

They will help craft a marketing strategy that stands you out in your industry and builds a consistent chain of loyal users.

3.Create active customer support

Your customer support team is a crucial part of your SaaS business. Your users need active customer support that will be available when they need help.

If your customer support isn't there to solve their problems or give immediate answers, your customers will look for support somewhere else.

Therefore, prevent your customer churn rate by building a customer support team committed to helping your customers timely before growing your SaaS business. Because as your business grows, so will the queue of customers who need the help of your support team.


Growing your SaaS business is critical to get the most out of your SaaS business. This article discussed five top ways to scale your SaaS business by offering your SaaS business as a service your prospects need.

These growth strategies include acquiring the services of SEO experts, expanding your content strategy, making the sign-up process easy, requesting referrals, and tracking your users' progress with your product.

Adopt these strategies to achieve real growth with your SaaS business.

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