5 Key Steps To Building A Great Financial Business Website

5 Key Steps To Building A Great Financial Business Website

Building a website for your financial business can seem daunting. With so many great financial websites out there, you may be struggling to figure out how to compete. Thankfully, there’s a roadmap to follow to optimize your chances for success.

Building a website to market your financial business doesn’t have to be an intimidating process. In fact, with these tips, you can approach your website with the confidence you need to make a name for yourself.

Step 1: Think of your Navigation Strategy

Whether it’s a financial business or a blog for hobbies, user experience is paramount for any website. User experience is essentially the interactions a person has with your website. You want your site visitors to have a positive experience. So, how can you do that? 

There are entire professions designated to user experience and design, so it can be hard to know how to get the basics. A crucial component of user experience is navigation. Ensure that the top of your website has just a few main options listed. Try to limit this to seven options. 

Another easy way to better your website’s navigation is by adding a search bar. This allows visitors to type in any keywords they might be interested in. 

While building your web design, make sure that your content will be easily visible and accessible to your site visitors. Break your content into categories and optimize your content for your internal website’s search engine and Google. 

Finally, a good rule of thumb is to keep your website simple. A visitor shouldn’t be more than three clicks away from where they want to go. Ensure that every page is easy to find, or your user experience will suffer. 

Step 2: Make a Design that Builds Credibility and Trust

Website visitors can form an opinion about your site in under a second. Having a clean and simple design will help you with credibility. Build your website to look professional. Because this is a financial business website you’re building, users will need a high amount of trust. 

Many people will be inclined to distrust financial business and services websites for the sheer fact that their finances are significant to them. It’s also hard to understand the web-security measures websites have in place, and they may worry about their information. It’s essential to have information available that addresses common concerns like these to establish trust. 

A common way to build credibility is to form a partnership with a well-established and trusted partner or get press from reputable sources. It’s important to think about reputation building as you build up your site and platform, but when you’re just starting, this can be very difficult to do quickly.

A good site design that incorporates user experience and looks good will build credibility fast. Your web design can make or break whether or not you seem reputable. 

Professional and Quality websites often share a few key traits: 

  • White space: having areas of blank space on your site makes it more visually appealing and professional when utilized effectively. 
  • Fonts: Most professionals stick to no more than three separate fonts. These are fonts for primary headings, subheadings, and text. Don’t let your body text be too small 16 is recommended, and anything below 12 might not be readable. 
  • Colors: Your website should have a consistent color scheme that runs through each page. Using too many might be visually overwhelming. Try to stick to a simple color scheme with a few colors to represent your brand. 

Step 3: Create Forms to Generate Leads and Clients

A great way to generate leads and get new clients is through forms on all of your main pages. These forms can come in various formats depending on your goals. 

A standard contact form should be easy to find. You can also include forms to get people to subscribe to your website’s content and get updates directly from you! 

With forms, the design must match the rest of the site. Don’t weigh these forms down with unnecessary required fields. Nobody wants to fill out a long form, and it will likely reduce the number of leads you get. 

Step 4: Set up Security and Privacy Policies

Your website needs a privacy policy. This will layout the type of data that’s collected on your website. It’s a good idea to contact someone who can help you with the specific legal jargon needed. 

Speaking of data, your website also needs to be secure. On top of protecting your clients, adding security badges to your website is a great way to build credibility 

Step 5: Come up with a Content Strategy


Once you have the site built, it’s time to create content! It’s no secret that content is crucial to bringing traffic to your website. Do you want to create video content, blogs, or both? No matter what medium you choose, there are some important ways to make it useful. 

What kind of concerns will your clients have that relate to your business? Write and produce content that speaks to your client’s worries and desires. If you’re stuck, look at similar websites; how do they create content? Make sure you’re writing and producing content that carves out a name and a niche for your business in the financial world. 

If you decide to create written content, make sure that you optimize it for search engines and mobile-friendly websites. The last thing you want is for your content to get buried under other financial businesses. 

Search Engine Optimization, much like User Experience, is a concept that people dedicate entire careers to if it fits your budget; consider looking into an SEO strategy to help you stay ahead of your competition. 

Step 6: Watch Your Business Grow


Having a website for your finance business is essential. You’ll help grow a trustworthy brand and reach a broad audience. Building a website can be difficult and time-consuming, but the process is way more manageable with the right goals in mind. 

These days, it can be hard to stand out from a crowd, but these essential steps are a great start. Good luck on your journey! 

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