5 Features Your Web Dev Should Include on Your Business Website

5 Features Your Web Dev Should Include on Your Business Website

If you run a business, you know you probably need a website for it.

Very few companies don’t have websites these days. The first thing someone will likely do when they hear about your business is check out your website so they can learn about what you bring to the table.

If you hire web developers to create a site for you, you will probably want to talk to them about the features they should include. They likely have suggestions, but you should insist on the following items. Anyone visiting your site will expect to see them.

Informative Pictures and Videos

When a web developer sets up your company’s site, you should ask them to include some original, compelling pictures and videos. People respond well to visuals, and you don’t want a website with just long text blocks for them to read. You need copy that sells your company, products, and services, but you also need pictures and videos that will capture a potential customer’s attention.

You should not use stock pictures to feature on your site. Anyone who knows stock pictures will easily recognize them if they see them on your website. Using them is lazy, and you’ll do much better creating original images that perfectly encapsulate your company’s purpose.

You can create those pictures and videos yourself if you’re capable of that, or you can hire a skilled photographer or videographer to do it. That all depends on how much money you have to spend on this endeavor.

An FAQ Section

Your potential customers or clients will want to see an FAQ section on the site. FAQ stands for frequently asked questions.

When someone visits your site, they might have questions about your company’s identity and what it does. You can feature those questions in the FAQ section, and you can answer each one.

If you’re not sure what questions you should have in the FAQ section, you can conduct some customer surveys to ask them. You might also put together focus groups and ask the participants what questions they may ask when they visit the site. Once you've got your list, you can write up the section and tell the web dev or agency you’ve hired to include it.

A Contact Form and Other Contact Methods

You will want your web dev to set up a contact form for your website. It should include a spot for the customer’s name, their email address so you can get back to them, and a section where they can ask your company a question or mention a concern.

You should also make sure your web developer includes other ways on the site for customers or clients to contact you. Some will want to reach out to you by email, but others may want to live chat with you. 

If you’ve hired someone to live chat with the customers, or several such employees, if you have a larger company, you should have a way the customers can easily do that.

You might ask the web dev to set up a chatbot to feature on the site. Some web developers can create one for you, but you may have to hire someone else to do it since some web devs don’t have that particular skill set.

Product Pages

You will certainly need your web developer or the agency you hire to feature pages for each of your products. You might have just a handful if you don’t make that many products, but you may have hundreds or thousands of separate pages if you sell many different items or services.

The product pages should feature pictures, product descriptions, prices, etc. Each page should have a place where the customer can buy the product.

If you have an eCommerce business model, the customer should see how to put the product in their shopping cart and then easily check out from there. You should ask the web dev to make the customer’s journey through the site simple and efficient.

Social Media Engagement Buttons

Nearly all companies use social media in 2022, and you should ask your web developer to set up some social media buttons to feature on your site. When a customer visits the website and pushes one, it should enable them to follow your company on that social media platform.

Ideally, you want those social media buttons on your landing page above the fold. That way, your potential customer can’t miss them.

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