5 Examples That Show The Influence of B2B Branding

5 Examples That Show The Influence of B2B Branding

B2B branding can accurately be described as a unique way of branding that isn’t used commonly.

The ultimate goal of B2B Branding is to ensure the likelihood of prospective customers making a conversion thanks to a brand’s outstanding nature. Below are 5 B2B companies that carried out branding and marketing successfully:


When it comes to utilizing the dictum ‘seeing is believing’, then FedEx has really outdone itself. That’s if whatever they are doing on social media is anything to go by. The brand understood that as a travel enthusiast, your ultimate goal is travelling to all the most beautiful destinations in the world. That’s why a visit to their Instagram will immediately give you the urge to travel with them.

FedEx has arguably the beautiful destination photos on Instagram. Some of these pretty destinations include London, Quebec, and New York just to mention a handful. They are also keen to watermark all of their photos with their official logo to show how their Brand Matters. And the onlookers can associate the amazing destinations with their company.


There has been an increase in LinkedIn users ever since the ‘in it together’ feature was recently added. This feature is a video that highlights successful individuals from various disciplines who not only speak about their journeys but also encourage others to keep at it and in the end enjoy massive success.

And it is for this reason that LinkedIn was featured at the most recently concluded Golden Globe Awards which is quite a big of a deal. LinkedIn has also continued to suggest influencers to their new followers in accordance to their career interests which most find to be very helpful.


Slack’s idea of B2B Branding was using the theme “spontaneous oneness”. To achieve this, the management at Slack introduced a relatable advert that didn’t waste any time warming the hearts of millions. This animation showed lions being employers and sloths acting as employees.

And with the use of slack, these animals were able to communicate rather smoothly, which just goes to show just how slack can boost efficiency in any workplace. This is exactly why Slack has well over 8 million active users logging in on a daily basis and the number keeps on growing with each passing day.


MailChimp is yet another company to use the B2B Branding strategy in their marketing strategy and in the end managed to capture the attention of millions.

They did this by using typos to increase the awareness due to the simple fact that tons of people make typos while searching online. by simply tweaking their algorithm to accommodate the likely typos of ‘MailChimp’ which would then redirect the users to their page regardless.

Tate & Lyle Sugar

Tate & Lyle Sugar is also another firm that used B2B branding in their marketing strategy. Besides giving out free samples like every other business does, Tate & Lyle Sugar went above and beyond, writing handwritten notes to their customers explaining why their soon-to-be launched product is going to be a game changer. They also sent brochures, samples, and an automated video explaining the same in their bid to generate the much needed buzz.


The most common denominator as far as all of the above mentioned companies are concerned is B2B Branding. Their ultimate goal was to do something that has never been done before and they managed to do exactly that. That said, if you are a business owner and are really interested in making an impact in society as well as the business, then you’ll have to be as unique as you can. That way, you’ll be able to capture the attention of your clients perfectly.

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