Several trends currently drive ecommerce marketing. Innovation is occurring rapidly. A robust and diversified approach needs to be employed to maintain a competitive edge. Between algorithms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, digital marketers have their hands full.

The digital landscape is now a mobile-first environment. Personalized content characterizes the online shopping experience. A strong brand specific social media presence is a must. Innovations in voice and image searches have transcended from their novel applications. When influencers are approached in the right way, they can be extremely powerful. Each of these aspects are further explored below. Individually, each is powerful. However, taken together, they can drive a profoundly successful, ecommerce marketing strategy to stand out in an increasingly competitive environment.

Mobile-First Marketing

Mobile marketing has become the new standard. Application developers are no longer integrating mobile platforms on the back end. Instead, modern platform development has become a mobile-first approach. The reason for the shift is apparent. Worldwide mobile users are already at 1.2 billion and climbing. They account for more than half of the conversions from pay-per-click advertising. This helps to alleviate several of the functionality concerns for mobile marketers. Mobile-first marketing aids overall app development, site optimization, responsive designs, and other areas. Experts recommend that marketing campaigns should invest a greater percentage of PPC into mobile for 2019. Considering the mobile-first approach taken by many software, and now hardware, developers, it might be prudent to rethink other budget allocations concerning conventional platforms.

Personalizing Content and Shopping Experiences

Artificial intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly one of the most disruptive technologies ever witnessed by humanity. The field of marketing is affected as much as any other area. New applications for AI enter the marketing world at lightning speeds. For ecommerce, personalization is one of the key trends being driven by AI development. It impacts advertisements from the very beginning. Long before purchases are made, personalized content can grab consumer attention. However, the impact of AI does not stop their. It is involved throughout the purchasing experience. Personalization also transforms marketing through meaningful email contacts and follow-ups. As consumers grow accustomed to personalized content, marketing campaigns will need to become more adept to retain their attention.

Strengthening Social Media Presence

Social media remains an integral part of marketing. It is a platform for marketers to share their brands. Social media provides a way to directly connect to consumers. Marketing teams get to know more than mere demographic information off a survey. They can instantly adjust to current events and web chatter.

Social media has evolved to incorporate shoppable posts. This is not new, but is becoming a very significant trend. As an increasing number of brands present shopping bag icons on posts and images, users can instantly build shopping carts. Blogs with high quality reviews can replace web designs like those found on Amazon and Ebay. A more informed world becomes more shop conscious. But it doesn't stop there. Shopping bag icons can migrate directly to social media shares and activity in real time. Shoppable posts are an ideal ecommerce pay-to-play solution. It combines information from social media with timely target marketing.

Attractive Voice Search Integration

Voice search quickly permeated all areas of digital life. It is in the home, at work, and anywhere mobile technology exists. This means that for marketers to remain competitive, they need to optimize their content for both voice and text. It is no longer good enough to view voice integration as a novelty. Similarly, image searchers are also growing in popularity. Between voice and image searches, Internet marketing looks much different that it did just a few years ago. While ecommerce profitability may be maintainable without integration in these areas, this is not likely to be case over the next few years. Losing market position is costly, so both voice and image searches should be closely monitored. It would be wise to commit at least some funds to a voice search test bed.

Use Influencers to Their Full Potential

If approached correctly, an influencer program can become a highly lucrative part of a marketing campaign. Brand messages should always be authentic, but when applied to influencers this is an imperative. A brand must relate directly to its choice of influencer(s). The lives of influencers should already exhibit some aspect of the message marketers wish to convey to their consumers. This makes the impact immediate, but more importantly, it validates the influencer. Target marketing in this way is only substantiated when a product adds to an influencer’s life. The rational is simple. Influencers can be as damaging as they are positive to a brand. An emotional bad review via social media should never be a consideration when approaching an influencer. Brand managers will need to account for the preferences of influencers. Control over and planning of content may be limited by other agendas already employed by an influencer. Between personalization and the right influencer, an ecommerce marketing campaign can reach its full potential.

Best-in-class Solution

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