5 Easy Hacks for Business Owners to use Drop Shipping Shopify

5 Easy Hacks for Business Owners to use Drop Shipping Shopify

Do you know what drop shipping is?

It is a very common process where the store doesn't keep the products it is dealing with but it sells them to the customers by buying it from the third party and gets it shipped directly to the customer by the other company.

Therefore there is not much involvement of the retailer here, as he never sees or handles the product. However there are many challenges and difficulties which might come in the way of the process. In this article we will discuss about 5 easy hacks for business owners to use Drop Shipping Shopify in 2018.

Before we discuss the hacks, let us have a look at why people prefer drop-shipping even now. Here are the benefits of drop-shipping:

  • In a drop-shipping process, less capital amount is required because you will not need to buy huge amount of stocks to fill your inventory. Therefore it is easier to open a store without any hassles.
  • It is easier to function and trade when your company will not have to deal with any kind of physical material. Therefore it saves up a lot of expenses.
  • Drop Shipping business requires very low overhead cost because the company is not required to deal with any physical products and processes. Therefore it saves up significantly when compared to brick and mortar workshops.
  • Drop Shipping business can be easily run from possibly anywhere you want but there should be atleast a healthy Internet connection for communication.
  • Since you do not have to spend your money on huge inventory, you can easily display a plethora of products up on your site for the potential buyers. This will increase your profit making capacity and help you get more customers.

So as you can see that why drop-shipping is popular among many people and they have actually turned the idea into potential business.

5 hacks for drop shipping

Now we will discuss the top 5 hacks that will get your drop shipping business to reach new heights in 2018:

  • Upload great images of the products which you are willing to display. Putting up good resolution images will be very much lucrative as people will find them attractive. Good images from different angles, perspectives and in different postures helps the customers to get a good understanding and view of the product they are going to buy.
  • Videos are very much popular. Even if you put up good images on your site, try to upload videos related to the product as well. Videos help the customers to get a bettet understanding and view of the product. Install the videos cleverly, where they would be easily seen. Sometimes it becomes difficult for a person to choose after watching an image but videos clears that doubt.
  • Maintain and build up a good browser page which will not have mistakes. Shoppers visit your site to get quick, easy and the best offers. You can enable them to do this by installing image results or voice recognition. They will get irritated on finding mistakes and irrelevant search results every now and then. Therefore, it is a very important part of the business to maintain a top of the class error-free website, so that users can find it more convenient to shop from your website.
  • Revise your shipping rates and delivery charges. A study has concluded that several of users do not buy the thing they wanted because of the addition of delivery or shipping charges. This is because they feel then the product becomes expensive. You can opt for a few options to avoid loosing customers - offer free shipping charges which will surely get the customers attention. Or you can charge them the exact minimal value that you paid to the third party seller.
  • You need to provide good insights, better understandings and amazing descriptions of the product that you will put up on your site. It is the friendliness, comfort and service which you provide leaves a mark with the customer and increases the reputation of your brand.

Here are the top 5 hacks that you can opt for a better drop shipping business in 2018.


At the end, we must say that Drop Shipping is best technique for those who are unable to give enough time to their Business due to their busy Schedule. Shipping is a challenging obstacle for any Ecommerce business. Anyone can start their Business with less stock available. It must be use in proper way like we can cover our whole product details including image,Product Video,Description so that more customers can attract.

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