5 Digital marketing tactics to increase conversions

5 Digital marketing tactics to increase conversions

5 Digital marketing tactics to increase conversions

The main goal of any business is to drive more sales and earn profit.

Customers are the center of focus in this regard because happy customers = more profit. Smart digital marketers know that to get more conversions, they must make the customer take decisions that are in the business’s favor. Digital market has immense potential if reached in the best way.

Customer is always right, but what many marketers fail to realize is that you can understand how your target customer thinks and also influence their thought process with smart digital execution. Conversion marketing is intended to get more orders in the customer’s cart and turn them into a loyal follower.

This article revolves around the key digital marketing tips which borrow a lot from customer psychology and help to earn more conversions:

Search engine optimization

Have you ever Googled a word just because you wanted to know what it means? You are not the only one. Google now provides 40,000 search query results every second! This means that your target audience is also actively engaged in searching on Google for one thing or the other. The role of search engine optimization (SEO) in digital marketing can’t be overlooked. SEO helps your business in being available when the target audience Google for something related to your niche.

Benefits of SEO include more traffic to your website, which eventually earns more conversions. Keyword research is the rule of this game where you choose highly targeted phrases in your website content. For example, if you are a car-washing service in Atlanta, the keywords can be ‘best car wash in ATL’ or ‘cheapest car wash atlanta.’ However, beware- you need to have someone in your team who can deal with Google Adwords and guide your strategy in the right direction.


For your business to reach a specific audience, content marketing plays a huge role. Content is not something complex; it is the information you put out on the web about your business. Website content, social media, and email content are the main domains where you can work your magic. With the help of a professional email signature, you can even set up email tracking for every user.

It is even more important for small businesses to invest in content marketing because creative ideas last longer than any monetary investment. Now that the topic is up, the one thing you should know about is ‘The Furrow’ by John Deere. It is said to be one of the first examples of content marketing, published in 1895. After 120 years, the publication is still going strong and educating hundreds of marketers on this topic. The most popular type of content is video content because it takes the least time to convery the message. Eighty-seven percent of online marketers like to include video as an important content type.


Another overlooked aspect of digital marketing is customers who were once interested in your product or service but hovered away due to whatever reason. Remarketing gives you the chance to go after these solid prospects by tracking their interests. Information can be gathered from your website’s analytics on the most popular pages. More information can be received by saving cookies and using that information to display ads on related sites. This way, if the customer browsed away from your site after viewing a hairdryer, you can retarget them by displaying a custom hairdryer ad on Facebook or Instagram.

Remarketing makes you stay engaged with your prospects, works to build brand awareness and leads to more conversions. We internet surfers have a short attention span when it comes to browsing the web. Remarketing puts the same item as an ad in front of the user so they can remember to buy if they had forgotten before.

Online reputation management:

Don’t confuse reputation management with social media or community management. It has direct relationship with your businesses’ reputation on the internet. Since most of your customers have access to internet, your digital profile needs to look sharp at all times.

Some guidelines for online reputation management include keeping a transparency between your brand and the customer because that establishes trust. Ask for customer feedback, actively respond to their queries and professionally settle disputes to polish your online reputation.

One of the most important examples of online reputation management is when Nestle received criticism from people on their environmental service practices. What did they do? They decided to ignore the problem as if it doesn’t exist. Soon, people started getting more aggressive and many altered the Nestle logo to show their dislike. This was when the company had to shut down their public page. Don’t pretend that people aren’t looking or talking; instead, try an alternate way to handle the situation. You can benefit from online reputation management services to learn how to engage online.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular means of making some extra income online and letting people know about your business/products. To make affiliate marketing success for you, the conversion is essential, which is why you must engage actively with your visitors to purchase products from your affiliate links. For this you need an Affiliate Tracking software to measure all your campaigns, publisher communications, detect fraud and help you scale your network. Trackier is one such Affiliate Tracking software which is mostly used by all the affiliate networks. If you plan to run your Affiliate Marketing campaigns Trackier is the right partner to start with.

Influencer marketing

Marketers can’t close their eyes to the vast community of influencers. These internet-born celebs are taking over with their huge influence and power to lead users into becoming customers. Just partner with an influencer and you will know. Many influencers work full-time to create content for their online platforms and have a huge fan following.

Instead of wasting hard-earned money on mindless advertising, try partnering with an influencer. It will cut down costs and also get you some organic followers. Millennial population is very inspired by their Instagram or Facebook favorites, and they will do anything to look like these celebs.

Last word

Have you tried any of these tactics mentioned above? We would love to know about your experience. Digital marketing is not a complex topic which needs years of experience; you just need to keep an eye out for latest trends and fads. Content marketing, remarketing, reputation management and Local SEO form the foundation of your business’s digital media presence. Content also helps educate the audience and develop your position as a thought leader in the industry. Many creative strategies don’t even require much money if executed properly. Best of luck!

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