5 Best Tips to hire the best Php Developer

5 Best Tips to hire the best Php Developer

When it comes to growing your business online, building a website for it is the first thing that comes to one’s mind and if you are going for a php website a good php developer is needed for the job.

A php developer has the capability to turn the tables for your business. He’s the one who will establish the connection between your customers and your business in this highly competitive virtual era. So, it is must to keep your smartness high while you hire a php web developer, there’s no room for any mistake, you need to get it right the very first time.
Not just for coding, but an intelligent php developer should be strategic and smart enough to understand your business needs and should be equally passionate about building your business online. If you are new into the field, proper guidance is required so that you select the best person for your business, on whom you can rely completely. Here are some tips & tricks which can help you hire the best & most dedicated Php developer for your online business:

  • Check for knowledge: Knowledge test is really important to ensure you are selecting the right php developer. Test the skills of the developer you are considering to hire. Check some technicalities online first so that you should know the stuff before testing anybody else. Check new updates and technologies to ensure that developers are updated with new techniques and advancements while building your website.
  • Communication Skills Test: Communication is the foundation of everything. The developer you are going to hire should be able to converse with you through audio, video, skype, phone, email, messages etc. Communicating through skype is easier than conversing through long emails because one can be assured that the person he’s working with is actual and not a bot. English is a universal language and a developer should be comfortable communicating in english.
  • Previous Projects: While hiring an php expert, it is important to check previous projects completed by him/her, so that you get an idea of his/her experience, skills and knowledge. Ask about their abilities in detail to know whether he/she will stand upon your expectations or not. Do not shy away while questioning about their experience because a good developer will always understand your need to question him and would react patiently and would clear all your doubts.
  • Don’t ask too basic questions: Avoid asking questions that have nothing to do with your business or different from the league while interviewing, like what was the release date of php or who wrote the first scripts for it. These questions won’t help you check for a genuine developer. Ask technical questions which you can read about online. Ask questions about latest updates and technologies.
  • Notice the Demeanor: Attitude matters is what we say. In this case also attitude or demeanor of the developer matters. He should be able to adapt changes quickly and should always be patient doing the changes asked. There’s an easy way to check whether a developer has positive attitude towards the things or not. Ask him “Where do you learn about new updates and technologies about PHP or have you attended any technology event or seminar?”


Clear everything before you decide to hire a php programmer and don’t shy away about asking anything. You need to know very well about the developer to avoid any obscurity in future. Also, if you hesitate you would always be under the darkness about the developer’s knowledge and it would lead to hiring a wrong developer and it would trouble you and your business in future. Also, discuss the cost breakup to avoid confusions in future. Everything should be transparent before you consider to hire someone for your business.

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Mary Scott
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