4 Ways To Stop To Duplication On Wordpress

4 Ways To Stop To Duplication On Wordpress

In this article you can read about few ways how you can stop duplication posts on Wordpress platform.

According to the SEO experts at VM Interactive, having duplicate content on a website does not necessarily mean that content has been copied from elsewhere. In fact, duplicate content in the world of SEO is quite different from that found on WordPress where duplicate content is in fact quite common.
In part, this is because WordPress creates separate pages for every category and tag you use in connection to an article. These are not healthy links for your site to have because a search engine bot which crawls these pages may deduce that you have copied the same information multiple times. Although, generally speaking, the larger search engine’s algorithms do try to judge which is the original, they can often fail to choose the correct one which means your thin content page is ranked instead of your main article which is detrimental to your sites’ growth.
It’s almost inevitable that some of these issues occur if you are new to WordPress, but ensuring you only have healthy links which are not negatively affecting your site can make all the difference between a website which Google ranks highly and one which gets overlooked!

Using A Category

A category groups your posts into related subject matters by placing snippets of articles with matching categories onto a separate, unique page. This page will then be in direct competition with the original content taking away many healthy links to it as search engines direct users to the category page rather than the main article.
As such, offer as few categories as possible while still offering keywords which users may search for on Google to find your content to ensure that if your reader does find your thin content category page by chance, they will still be discovering useful content.

Using Tagging Effectively

WordPress tags describe your article in more depth than categories which are more of a general overview. As such, you should not use the same tag name and category name for a piece.
As with the use of a category, when you tag an article, you are duplicating snippets of this content and placing them on to a separate and unique page, once again causing competition for the main article piece.
One possible course of action to reverse this is to stop bots indexing these duplicate pages by using a meta robot noindex dofollow tag in the header of the page. This is not recommended though as it is unwise to stop bots indexing pages which could be of use to a reader. Instead, simply remove repeated, unnecessary or unclear tags, as well as any tags which match the chosen category keeping, instead of keeping only the tags which you feel are genuinely useful to your readership.

Accessing Your Site Through Multiple URLs

While multiple URLs leading a user to your site may seem, to the untrained eye, like Healthy Links which are highly beneficial, Google simply sees each of these URL’s as leading to separate pages all of which contain duplicate content. This not only risks your site being penalised for duplication, but it also limits the bots efficiency when crawling your site as it is forced to crawl the same information repeatedly and it, once again, could result in the duplicate page showing in search results rather than the original content.
Simple versions of multiple URLs could be:

  • www.yourdomain.com
  • yourdomain.com
  • https://yourdomain.com

The easiest way to stop this occurring is by creating ‘301 redirects’ which will take your readers to the correct page when it lands on an incorrect one. A significant aspect of using WordPress is the number of useful plugins which enable you to do technical actions without needing to know how to code and the number one ‘301 redirect’ plugin for WordPress can be accessed here.

A Lack Of Unique Content

In some instances, it would seem your site’s duplication cannot be helped. Whether you review similar products, create workouts or produce recipes, there are often times when your content will have nearly identical word usage. When these pages are crawled by bots they will appear as duplicate pages even though they may be serving multiple purposes; for example, High-Intensity Workouts for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Though these workouts may have different exercises and each one may be created for a different day, these differences are not enough to appear as anything other than duplicate content on separate pages.
You could rectify this duplication issue by going into each article and adding modifiers such as new titles - for example, High Intensity For Monday, Cardio Workout For Tuesday, Anaerobic Workout For Wednesday etc. Follow this by adding new, unique content which will differentiate the pages, for example, you could explain the health benefits of each days’ workout and discuss results your readers could achieve.

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