4 Ways to Optimize Your Business Video Content for SEO

4 Ways to Optimize Your Business Video Content for SEO

SEO is all about words, so you may not have thought extensively about how your business video content can make a significant impact when it comes to SEO. Nevertheless, business video content can — and should — be optimized for SEO purposes.

The online world is a very visual place, which means engaging images and video content are an absolute must on your company website and your social media pages. So it’s also important to make sure you’re implementing the right SEO measures for any videos.

What Does Video SEO Mean?

Video SEO is the same as any other type of SEO in that it’s focused on rankings. Video SEO is simply optimizing your videos based on keywords so that you can encourage your content to place higher in the rankings for search results. That’s why it’s important to take all relevant steps to give your video content the best chance of placing higher in the rankings.

Here are four ways you can optimize your business video content.

1. Choose an Impressive Thumbnail Image

In the same way that website visitors can make an instant judgment on your business the second they land on your website, based on appearances alone, the same applies to any video content. The thumbnail image is the first thing internet users will see of your content, and it’s this that can have a huge impact on whether they decide to click onto your content or not.

So make sure that your thumbnail image is a professional and enticing one, so it’s noticeable in the search results.

2. Use a Video Transcript

This is one of the most important ways you can place SEO-applicable text with your videos. By using a transcript, you’re ensuring that there’s a written record of any video content you’re placing so that you can use this to your advantage in regard to keywords and searchable terms.

This transcribed text will work hand in hand with your content.

Not only is a video transcript effective for SEO purposes, but it will also help with the accessibility of your content. Transcripts and captions mean that people hard of hearing will still be able to enjoy your content, and people can easily still watch and understand even if they have to mute it.

You can use a professional transcription service like Verbit to make sure that yours is of the highest quality.

3. Work Hard with Your Title and Description

The title and description of your video content is an opportunity to place keywords, but if you can make it an engaging description, it can encourage people to click. It’s important to think creatively and persuasively about both, as it shouldn’t just be lots of keywords crammed in. Take the time to think of catchy titles and descriptions which naturally place keywords.

4. Don’t Forget About the Rest of Your Page

As a final tip, be sure to optimize the rest of the page, too. If you’re placing a piece of video content on a relevant page, they need to be complementary for SEO — otherwise, bad SEO practices for the rest of the page might mean that your video content doesn’t place well enough.

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