4 Reasons Why Blockchain is the Future Technology

4 Reasons Why Blockchain is the Future Technology

The blockchain gets more and more integrity with all fields of life, though financial organizations are still main introducers of this innovation.

Here go four main blockchain trends proving it to be the technology of the future, despite all the cons of bitcoin and blockchain.

1. Governments Start Using Blockchain

The world had the opportunity to watch after the experiments with bitcoin and blockchain made by relatively small countries within recent years. Still, new big players began entering the race on the edge of the decades. Tens of states support efforts of their central banks in studying the possibilities of the blockchain technology. Moreover, China makes preparations to be the first state to release the “crypto-yuan”. China strengthening its role on the market of cryptocurrencies is the independent blockchain trend of 2020, and it is extremely important for the world’s economics and geopolitics.

2. Financial Evolution Supported by Banks

In 2019, public blockchain projects went through quality transformations and fought internal problems. In 2020, the competition will grow, so only the projects able to finally solve inner issues and to find new ways to use the technology will be successful.

3. Blockchain Gets into the Real Sector

It seems that the pilot projects of past years brought satisfying results, so it is time to begin using blockchain massively for delivery and accounting chains. That will be a new impulse for the development of safe production and realization of stable development goals by the UN.

4. Massive Technology, New Ecosystems

Businesses are ready to invest and buy. Due to that, blockchain has further development in two directions at the same time. First, businesses stimulate creating of new technological solutions. Second, blockchain technologies turn from complex inventions for geeks into a pretty mature and understandable construction set with clear instructions that are easy to learn. The process of blockchain commoditization will lead to intense transformations of business processes inside companies.

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