4 Forms of Corporate Crime You Need to Protect Your Business Against

4 Forms of Corporate Crime You Need to Protect Your Business Against

Corporate crime is an act that is undertaken by thieves who want to make a quick buck off of businesses just like yours.

You cannot afford to allow this kind of plight to befall you — you didn’t build your organization up just to see it be brought crumbling back down by a petty criminal, did you?
In order to fend off and tackle all of the people out there that want to exploit your business and steal from it, you first have to understand what forms of corporate crime you face. Here are four of them:

Physical theft

The most obvious form of crime that you need to be wary of is physical theft. For as long as time itself, people have been breaking entries in order to take what isn’t theirs and make a profit from it. This is just the way the world is, and there’s no use in denying it.
Instead of denying the fact that physical theft can impact your business at any given time, you should seek to fight it. To do that, you should:

  • Keep in close contact with local police
  • Regularly carry out security risk assessments
  • Install gate, door and window locks
  • Fit an alarm response service
  • Showcase a visible crime determent
  • Monitor visitors to your place of work

Intellectual property theft

It might not be a physical asset, but your intellectual property is mightily important to you and the success of your business. If it were to be stolen, you could see your bright idea go on to make millions for the criminal that took it from you.
To protect yourself against this plight, you’re going to want to adopt a criminal mindset. Start thinking that everybody is out to steal your ideas and make money off of them, and you’ll stop yourself from giving away crucial details about your plans.


Again, it might not be physical, but cybercrime can cause just as much damage to your business as physical theft can. If your personal details were to be phished or hacked into, you could find yourself on the receiving end of having to pay extortionate prices just to get them back. For this reason, you should head to fraudwatchinternational.com to find out just what protection FraudWatch International can offer you in this instance.

Employee dishonesty

Unfortunately, external forces aren’t the only ones who could bring corporate crime to your business’s doors. Your workforce, too, could get in on the action in this instance.
Employee dishonesty might not be nice to think about, but it’s real, which is why you need to take action against it. To tackle it, you have to resolve to improve your hiring process and make sure everybody that you employee is subjected to a thorough background check.
Due to the money you earn, the equipment you own, and the important customer details that you hold onto, unfortunately, your business is a sitting duck for criminality. Now that you know what types of corporate crime you face, however, you’ll find it much easier to tackle them going forward.

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