4 Cloud Security Issues Your Enterprise Needs to Be Aware of

4 Cloud Security Issues Your Enterprise Needs to Be Aware of

There are several reasons why many enterprises are adopting cloud as part of their strategy.

These reasons include that it helps to lower fixed costs, provides the freedom to work anywhere, and ultimately supplies greater flexibility.
Despite the advantages, there’s one sticking point for those who opt against taking their business on the cloud: security. According to research from 2015, 90% of organizations were “very or moderately concerned about public cloud security.”
So if security is making you hesitant about jumping on the cloud bandwagon, you’re not alone. However, having a clear cloud security plan in place can help to alleviate any fears. Although before that plan is established, it’s important to understand the concerns your business could face.
With that in mind, here are four cloud security issues you need to be aware of for your enterprise:

Employee negligence

It’s a scary one to process, but your employees are the biggest detriment to keeping your data safe on the cloud. In fact, your cloud system could become vulnerable incredibly easily – and without your staff even realizing it.
For instance, if your organization opts for a BYOD system, employees will use their smartphones, laptops, and tablets to access the cloud. However, if you don’t have proper BYOD protocol – or applicable cloud application security software – this could leave the system vulnerable to outside threats. This is just one example – there are many ways an employee’s negligence can harm your enterprise’s security.

Malware infections

Even if your business is on the cloud, it can still be affected by malware if appropriate security practices are not used. Thankfully, there are security software solutions available that protect enterprises that are located on the cloud. As an example, McAfee understands cloud computing security issues, and they have software solutions ready to use as a result.

Sharing the threats

Selecting the right public cloud service is an important step for your enterprise to take. This is because certain cloud solutions fail to supply the required security between each client. This means systems, applications, and resources are shared. If any client on the system is affected by a malicious attack, this is also shared among everyone else. Not good.
With this point in mind, it could be wise for your enterprise to invest in a private cloud solution. This way, you won’t be sharing your space on the cloud with others.

Lack of data backups

If your data doesn’t have a proper syncing function in place, this could cause an inadequate number of data backups being produced. This could end up causing various problems. Data loss is one of them, but it could also leave your enterprise susceptible to ransomware.
Ransomware is a malicious threat that essentially “locks” up a company’s data within encrypted files. If a company wants to gain access to this data, the ransomware will only allow this if a ransom has been paid – hence its name.
If you have suitable data backup solutions, this won’t be an issue. Even if a ransomware strikes, you can go back to a previous backup of your company’s data to circumvent the issue.

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