3 Types of Video Content That Are Great for Marketing

3 Types of Video Content That Are Great for Marketing

More and more marketers are turning to video content to promote their products or services and connect with potential customers.

The popularity of videos online coupled with its ability to interest and engage viewers makes its benefits clear – but there are some types of video content that perform better than the rest in this regard.

In particular, these three types of video content have consistently proven to be great for marketing:

  • Tutorials and how-to guides One of the most popular forms of content, tutorials and guides are ideally-suited to marketing as you can use them to show how to perform useful tasks or obtain certain benefits with the product that you’re marketing. Generally although these videos are used for marketing they don’t overtly promote the product, but rather do so indirectly by showing people how it can help them and guiding them through the process.
  • Testimonials Social proof is a powerful tool that all marketers take advantage of – and there no better way than by using video testimonials. A strong video testimonial that comes across as honest and forthright can help to sway potential customers who may still be on the fence and unwilling to commit. Needless to say testimonials aren’t normally used as a primary form of content, but are part of the marketing funnel that can be used to convince potential customers who are already interested.
  • Reviews In order for reviews to be an effective marketing tool, they need to be unbiased and present the product or service fairly while discussing both its pros and cons. Just like tutorials it is important that reviews don’t come across as too promotional, otherwise they’ll lose their credibility and be far less effective. A good review will focus on facts with minimal embellishment, and try to highlight what makes the product stand out and unique compared to its rivals.

For digital products such as apps and software, you will find one of the best ways to create videos for marketing is by using a screen recorder to record the footage you need directly from your screen. Out of the screen recorders out there, two of the more popular options are Movavi Screen Capture Studio and Camtasia Studio – and both have a wide following in their own right.

If you were to look for a Camtasia review and one for Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you’d find that they are perfectly matched and will provide you with a powerful screen recorder as well as a built-in video editor that can help you to create professional-looking videos. However Movavi Screen Capture Studio is far easier to use due to its intuitive nature, and also costs only a sixth of the price.

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