3 Mistakes when launching an app that can kill your reputation and revenue

3 Mistakes when launching an app that can kill your reputation and revenue

Research reveals how the mobile-app enterprise will grow at an incredible pace to reach a market worth of $63 billion by 2020.

We are living in a dynamic market, where having your own mobile app can be the most effective and universal branding strategy for a business. Our technology-driven economy is all about mobile apps now, which are added to the marketplace on a daily basis.
Just like product and business developers, app developers are constantly striving to keep up with the growing demands of app-savvy mobile users, who are hopping from one app to another to find the one they can stick to.
So keeping in mind the incredible revenues and reputation introducing an app can offer you, you strategize, design, develop, and test your shiny new app and are ready to flaunt it in front of the world. This could be a really exciting time but can be very intimidating too. After all the efforts that you have put in, the last thing you want is to blow the launch.
A powerful app launch can translate into desirable results. However, if that's the point where you fail to turn heads, it could be quite disappointing for a venture expecting real results against their investment and hard work.
Making mistakes at this stage can be detrimental. Thus, we have compiled the top three most common app-launching mistakes that are often overlooked. But before we jump to that, let's dig deeper into why your business needs an app right away.

Why your Business Needs a Mobile App

Here are three interesting reasons why launching a mobile app could be the most successful branding strategy your business can use:

  • Opportunity to optimize

Majority apps are created because a business gets an opportunity to optimize a process. It is not about creating an app with an eternal lifespan. It should be able to identify the purpose of its development and fulfill that gap.

An app can help a business solve its problems by optimizing an opportunity. For instance, a customer-support application, which the business can use to gather information and connect with the customer right away.

  • Increases visibility

Since an average American spends more than two hours using their smartphone daily, it makes all the sense why you want to launch an app and reach out to a larger audience. It is important for businesses to adjust their marketing strategies to match the shift towards more phone usability as compared to computers.
Doing so right away can boost visibility to the clients. As a result, businesses enjoy more mobile presence and brand recognition.

  • Direct marketing method

Mobile apps can hold and display a lot of important information about your business - including geographical locations and demographics. It's the perfect platform to reach out to your customer to provide them more details on your products and services.
A business can utilize its app to feature product specifications, news feeds, special rates, promotions, prices, etc. Direct marketing can be an amazing advantage of a mobile app.

Top three reasons why you need to pay more attention to your mobile app launch

Here are the most common mobile app launch pitfalls and ways to avoid them to enjoy a successful mobile app launch:

  • 1. Failure to utilize pre-launch opportunities

Most businesses focus more on the development of the app than any other aspect. Often, most resources are also diverted towards the development alone. While building a high-quality app is crucial, one cannot ignore the marketing efforts required to ensure your app is a success.
If you fail at identifying the pre-launch opportunities, all the efforts and resources you had input for the development will go down the drain. Thus, a major mistake right at the beginning is to miss out on the marketing efforts.
Tip: To avoid this mistake, it is important to ensure that you make the most out of the pre-launch opportunities. Introduce and promote your app on a variety of different channels, such as your website, social media platforms, and even use reports and influencers in the industry to highlight your app.
The more marketing efforts you put at this stage, the more you can gain the momentum. The key is to spread the word to make more people curious about what's coming up.

  • 2. Failure to identify your audience and their specific needs

Is your audience an app lover? How will you find out if your potential customers would ever download or use your app? For design and market a mobile app, know if your audience is:

  • Tech-savvy
  • Follow your content and looks forward to more information
  • Hooked on their phones
  • Demand event invitations, seasonal offers, loyal opportunities, and the like
  • Require excellent customer service
  • Are using a competitor's app

If that matches with their description, you definitely know a lot about your audience. If that's the crucial information you are missing out, you are not even in the right direction.
Tip: Knowing your audience is the first step towards allocating all your resources towards designing and producing a business app. The only way you can market your product successfully is if you know that your potential customers will download and use your app.

  • 3. Poor App-Store Optimization (ASO)

App developers - who are not competent in other aspects of launching an app - will often ignore the importance of App Store Optimization (ASO). The lack of ASO does not only guarantee a failed app launch, which can kill your reputation and revenue but will also make it challenging for users to find and download the app.
Don't forget your competitors. They are everywhere. A strong ASO will allow your app to compete and leave other applications behind. Just like SEO optimization, you want your app to appear in the top search results on the Store.
Tip: An app developer should also be responsible for designing an effective ASO plan. This allows users to find you more easily and recognize you as a better app as compared to others in the App Store. Simply naming your app after something it represents is not enough. Unless and until you optimize it to appear in the top search results, you may never find enough customers.

Final word: Launch with a Bang!

It's great if you already have a team of developers and marketers working hand-in-hand to create a product that offers you desirable results. In case you are doing it for the first time, it is important to ensure you are working with professionals, such as airg spam free apps.
Pre-launch marketing strategies will create the hype you need around your app's launch. In addition to making the most out of that opportunity, the idea is to balance out the resources towards building awareness too. You should know when it's time to introduce the application to the world.

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