3 Essential Cold Email Tips that Will Increase Your Response Rates Overnight

3 Essential Cold Email Tips that Will Increase Your Response Rates Overnight

Cold emailing is an art that demands a lot of tact, determination, and knowledge of your prospects’ way of thinking.

Without using the proper etiquette and technique, all your efforts will be futile. In this article, we’re going to give you a few simple tips that should make your cold emailing campaigns more successful.

Focus on the Good Stuff

No matter how high in rank a particular executive is, they will usually respond to an interesting email. However, it still has to be pertinent. But, most of the time, if you manage to bring value to them in an interesting package, they will be more inclined to answer your emails. Bring them useless and bland formulaic nonsense and they’ll but you on their ignore list forever.

Be Straight to the Point

Nothing is going to deter your prospects faster than long, drawn out, emails with no style or substance. People have shorter attention spans than ever nowadays and are being solicited left and right. Make sure that your message is short and straight to the point for maximum impact. As a rule of thumb, your message should grab the reader’s attention within the first two sentences.

However, do not make the mistake of overselling yourself, especially in the first sentence. Overselling is a mistake many spammers commit and your message may be flagged as just any another useless spam.

Show Confidence

Going back to the first point - If you are persuaded that the service you’re offering is of value, make sure that you show confidence in what you have to offer. Don’t be too apologetic either. But don’t be too arrogant or rude. Deliver your message in a way that conveys that you are offering a service they really need and that you are worthy of working with them.

Also, make sure that you personalise your emails. There is nothing worse than the feeling of receiving a canned email you’ve probably sent to thousands of prospects before. While email address searches won’t always provide you with a name, try to do the extra legwork of finding who the email will be directed to and add it to the email.

It is also very important that you confirm that you’re writing to the right person at the end of the email. You'd be surprised to know how many emails are not responded to because they were simply sent to the wrong person. At the end of the message, you could politely ask “are you the right person to contact, and if so, can we set an appointment for a quick call later on this week, and if you’re not, can you direct to the person I should contact”. This will ensure that your message doesn’t fall onto deaf ears.


While email marketing has been overused by unscrupulous marketers, it is still a very effective way to reach potential prospects. However, you have to make sure that you keep your message short and straight to the point, offer something of value and convey this value within the very first sentences of your message and show confidence in your products and services if you want to take you cold email marketing efforts to the next level.

Posted by Carol Trehearn

Carol Trehearn

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