15 Passive Income Ideas to Build Wealth In 2022

15 Passive Income Ideas to Build Wealth In 2022

Passive income is a powerful tool through which you can secure a comfortable existence, financial independence and confidence in the future. Modern advertising on the Internet attracts users with the prospect of earning money without working. However, not all are so simple. Of course, it is quite possible to generate passive income, but this will require considerable effort. Especially in the early stages. In this article, we will explain how to create passive income and give specific examples.

How to create passive income: step by step instructions

This question is literally surrounded by informational noise that prevents you from knowing the truth. First of all, you need to determine the starting point and what you want to achieve. Then, you need to structure your activity, breaking it down into stages.

A diagram to help you get started:

  • Determine what start-up capital is needed and accumulate it. Ideally, at the start it is better to have a reserve of money for investments and an airbag. It is equal to the amount on which you can live for six months without losing the quality of life.
  • Make a list of your professional skills, qualities and knowledge. What are your personal interests? What areas are you interested in? After researching your skills and interests, make a choice in favor of the area in which you plan to create passive income.
  • Collect detailed and up-to-date information from trusted sources. Find out all about the legislation related to the chosen method. Are there any risks? If there is, what are they? Also, you need to find out the expected profitability, how much you can start with and how much additional investment is required.
  • Strengthen your source of income and reinvest the profits. If you want to achieve financial independence as soon as possible, use a simple formula: keep 20-30% of the profit for yourself, use the rest for further development. The money received should become a lever with which you can repeatedly increase passive income and open up new directions. With the constant withdrawal of all the profits received and without investments, you will find yourself without money and without a source of income.

Important! Be sure to carefully check all sources of information and incoming investment proposals. Fraudsters can operate in any area.

Ways to earn passive income without investment

It is difficult for a simple citizen who receives an average salary to accumulate start-up capital. You can start without it, but you should understand that you can’t do without investments at all. In any case, you will have to spend either money, or time and effort, or all at once.

So, below are a few ways to earn passive income without investment.

Help from the state

Tax deductions, benefits, pensions - all this, in fact, is passive income. You may be eligible for some kind of government payment. The amount, of course, is unlikely to be solid, but still, it's money.

Creation of a personal blog or group in social networks for the further sale of advertising space

To use this method, you will need a huge amount of time. It will be necessary to constantly prepare and publish material, making sure that it is of interest to the target audience. When you form a sufficient number of subscribers and readers, you can start selling ads, and delegate tasks to a content manager for part of the money you earn.

Creation of a site, its search engine optimization and earnings on placed advertising

Theoretically, everything is simple - you create a website, fill it with the “correct” content and place ads. The site owner earns from each click on advertising links and from a percentage of affiliate programs. In practice, everything is more difficult, since you will need to learn how to make websites and understand SEO optimization. But, everything is possible, if desired.

Sale of video and photo content

There are special platforms on which authors post their intellectual works - photographs, videos, drawings, design elements, and so on. By creating a product and placing it on the site, you will receive income from each position sold.

Renting out your own apartment

If you are the owner of a spacious apartment in a good area (even if you live in it), you can rent it out. The scheme is simple: you rent out your large apartment, and for yourself you rent a smaller living space in a less prestigious area. This will give you some passive income.

Partnership programs

There are affiliate programs from well-known sites through which you will receive a percentage of the purchases of attracted customers. All you need is to attract customers.

Passive income ideas with little investment

To clearly understand what a "small investment" is, let's take an amount up to $ 2,000 as initial capital. This amount is quite lifting for the average person.

Bank deposits and savings accounts

You put your money in the bank, the bank uses it as a means of issuing loans and pays you accumulative interest. A very simple method with a yield of 2% per annum and a low entry threshold. There is deposit insurance.

Sublease of real estate

You will need to conclude a long-term apartment rental agreement with the owner, and then rent it out in parts (by rooms) or by the day.

Interest loans

You can issue loans to individuals or to develop small businesses, receiving a monthly percentage of borrowed funds. In this case, it is extremely important to get detailed legal advice, as there are high risks of being left without money.

Investment coins

A portfolio of precious metal coins is compiled and sold a few years later. Profit is obtained due to the increased price of coins and the cost of metal.


This method is suitable only for those who are experts in their field. Video or audio recordings of lessons are produced, which are packaged in a training course. Having established traffic to the selling site, the creator receives regular passive income from sales.

Passive income, options with large investments

If you have a large amount of money on hand, it is better to make it work for you. After all, over time, money lying just like that depreciates. In this chapter, we will talk about where you can invest solid capital to form an excellent source of passive income.

Real estate

Buying and then selling or renting out real estate can generate very good passive income. Alternatively, you can buy an apartment at the construction stage and resell it at a higher price after the construction is completed.

Leasing of cars and special equipment

The idea is to buy cars, concrete mixers, trucks and other special equipment with a view to leasing it to construction companies. Cars can be rented to both private individuals and large taxi companies.

Shareholding in business

You pour your money into someone else's business and get a return on investment as a percentage of the profits. Since all operational management lies with the partner, this scheme is characterized by high risks.

Venture investments

Distribute money between attractive startups. More than half of them will burn out, and the rest will increase many times over, which will recoup the invested funds. The tool requires $200,000, plus an understanding of trends, plus the ability to risk that kind of money. That is, you must have an airbag for at least 5 years.

Mining farm

Either components are bought with the subsequent assembly of the farm, or a ready-made version. Once set up and running, such a farm will produce cryptocurrency on a daily basis. The advantage is that money can be withdrawn at any time and you always have a physically tangible source of income. Payback mining farm is in the area from 6 months to 2 years.

So, we looked at several different ways to generate passive income. Regardless of the amount of your capital, you can always start and achieve success in this business. Dare!

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