10 Video Marketing Analytics You’re Overlooking

10 Video Marketing Analytics You’re Overlooking

Analytics are essential to making the most of your video marketing strategy. Video analytics are metrics that interpret how users interact with your video. If you take them seriously, you can fine tune your video marketing to satisfy the audience and maximize conversions.

To collect metrics for your videos, use tools like YouTube Analytics, Vidyard, and other services. Even if you are seasoned in video marketing, you may not have considered these ten video analytics that will inform and transform your strategy.

1. Repeat Views

The most electric promo videos generate repeat views. Instead of looking at view count as a whole number, consider how many repeat views your video receives. This will help you determine which types of videos your viewers devour. You can test out different video lengths, topics, and formats to see which ones generate the most repeat viewers.

2. Drop-off Rate

Where in a video do viewers stop watching or leave the page? An interesting, concise video will keep the viewer watching until the end. To decrease your drop-off rate, sprinkle in more valuable content throughout your video. This may include humor, tips, or visuals. Promise something valuable for viewers who watch until the end.

3. Video Quality Metrics

Video and audio quality are undeniable factors in the success of your promo video. Analyze the correlation between quality and conversions for your own videos. Is it worth it to put in the extra effort for 4K or HD resolution? Almost all of your other video marketing analytics are influenced by the quality of your videos.


Viewer comments are raw, revealing video marketing metrics. Use the comment section to determine whether your video gets people talking. If your comment section is lackluster, consider inviting the viewer to leave a comment. Comments validate your videos, and they allow you to see firsthand what viewers like and dislike about your content.

5. Demographics

YouTube provides handy access to viewer demographics for each of your videos. This will give you actionable insight into who watches your videos. For example, if you are a B2B company targeting SBO’s in the U.S., you’ll know that you’re doing something wrong if your viewership mainly consists of 18-24 year olds in Australia.

6. Viewing Platform Preference

Distributing your video on multiple channels will increase visibility. YouTube often comes out on top, but other platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and more—can take away the gold. Every audience is different, so compare the most popular viewing channels for your videos. This information tells you exactly where to focus your marketing strategy.

7. CTA Click-through Rate

Every video should have at least one clear CTA (call-to-action). Define the stand-out CTA(s) in your video, then take a look at conversions. What percent of your viewers are clicking on your CTA? For example, if you asked a viewer to use an exclusive coupon, evaluate how many times the coupon was accessed in relation to how many views you achieved.

8. Average Minute Audience (AMA)

AMA is exactly what it sounds like for live videos. Hosting live streams is a potent video trend, and AMA reveals the average number of people viewing your live stream per minute. This metric gives you valuable averages to know if you are reaching your desired numbers. AMA is a more specific statistic than simply total view count.

9. Webpage Metrics

Go beyond the video metrics. If you embedded your video on a website or blog post, remember to evaluate the webpage’s analytics as well. Bounce rate, average time on page, and click-through rate are examples of webpage statistics. These metrics can determine if your video is an eye-catcher to visitors, or if the thumbnail needs some polishing.

10. Viewing Device Preference

People watch videos on a variety of devices—tablets, Androids, laptops, TVs, iPhones, desktops, watches, and everything in between. Determining how most of your viewers watch your videos will reveal how to tailor your marketing strategy. Mobile marketing is popular, but device preferences will vary according to your target audience.

Wrap Up

Don’t stop your research here. Video marketing is a complex, ever-changing process. Every new trend can revolutionize your promotional game plan. Video analytics, properly interpreted, can take your strategy to the next level. But video analytics are only a piece of the equation.

What new video analytics will you start evaluating?

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Brenna Clarine

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