10 Important Reasons Why a Website SEO Audit Is Good for Your Business

10 Important Reasons Why a Website SEO Audit Is Good for Your Business

Having a professional website audit is important for your website or brand.

This is because it will help you to develop a strong website and marketing strategy. A professional will take time to fine-tune your website and even address any issues to improve its performance. You can perform a website audit on your own or through a professional SEO company. Read on to know the ten benefits of an SEO audit.

Improved organic search visibility

To boost your search engine rankings, you need to first have an understanding of what you want to rank for. An excellent organic search ranking starts with a solid keyword strategy. When you know your market and your competition better, you will be able to develop on-page SEO code for your business website. Search engines such as Google will determine what your website ranks for based on on-page optimization and content of your site. A website audit will involve keyword discovery and in-depth research that is then integrated into your on-page SEO and even off-site website advertising.

Enhanced usability

The functionality and design of your website are restricted by your imagination and your SEO team. Having an overly complicated website design, too much information, and busy webpages is not good for your website. Your visitors will quickly leave your website if it does not tell them that they are in the right place in a concise and clear manner. A website audit will help to detect the areas of your website that need to be simplified. This way, you will determine the content, function, and structure that works perfectly for your users.

Stronger and better content

A technical site audit will look at crucial things such as bounce rates, page views, time on site, and much more. These are key areas that need to be enhanced to guarantee better search engine indexing. The search engines and people visit your website repeatedly because of the quality of content you provide. Auditing your content helps you to understand the types of content they love and how they like viewing it, for example, video, images, and words. With an audit, you can easily come up with a solid content strategy for your blog and website. Your visitors will get engaging and useful content and this will lead to better organic ranking on the search engines.

Improved conversion rates

For any business, increasing the conversion rates is important. A website audit will critically examine your top landing pages and their content, design, and even calls-to-action to make sure that they maximize on conversions. This is not an easy process and it can take months to figure out what actually works for your website. However, with strategic planning, analysis, and testing, an SEO audit for your website will increase your ROI.

Better SEO

In the recent years, search engine optimization has drastically changed. Google, for example, makes at least 500 changes on its algorithm every year. This means that whatever works now will likely be very different from what works next month or even next year. Good SEO for your website should focus on offering the best user experience first and then the search engines second.
When you focus on your users, you will avoid constantly analyzing each detail of your search engine optimization. Furthermore, search engines want to rank up the best websites. With a website audit, your SEO will be evaluated and professionals will determine how it affects your user experience. Experts will then come up with strategies that will make your users and the search engines happy. For more information, check out https://kottongrammer.com/san-francisco-seo/.

Discover potential revenue sources

Websites that use the same keywords as you can be prospective influencers or potential affiliates that you can partner with. By examining citations of your online business, you can discover websites that have rich proven leads and bloggers that have frequently linked to your content. With a website audit, you can uncover lucrative opportunities that can help you to raise the profile of your brand.

Identify and capitalize on traffic trends

The trends in traffic is one of the major and immediate insights that you will gain through an extensive website audit. You can track picks and valleys in hourly, weekly, or even monthly traffic. This is important as it will help you to have a better understanding of customer behavior. This way, you will strategically release content such as new products, email marketing, and blog posts to the right channels.

Improves keyword distribution

In the past, keyword stuffing was an easy way for businesses to maneuver the search results. However, the Penguin 4.0 update of Google helped to reduce duplicate content and spam in the search results. The best way to boost your website ranking in the organic SERPs is by using keywords strategically and naturally. Even though the search engines will not penalize your website or pages that have a very high frequency of keywords, you can be tagged and this will bring down the authority of your domain.

Identify and repair offsite and onsite problems

An extensive website audit can help you to determine any offsite or onsite problems that are diverting your website traffic. Some of the problems that could be driving traffic from your website include spam, hidden content, unfriendly URL’s, and backlinks among others. These issues can affect the overall traffic to your website and this can affect your conversions. A website audit from a professional can help to uncover and even repair these problems before they spiral out of control.

Improves information structure

Having strong and readable content on your website is not helpful if your content is not accessible to your readers. You need to use analytics data that is pertinent and relevant to ensure that yours content is easy to find by your readers and the search engines. With a website audit, professionals will identify areas of your site that need to be rectified to attract more traffic and boost your website rankings. With content audit tools, you will be able to present your information in a manner that makes sense to your audience and attracts only the right audience relevant to your business.
It is always a good idea to perform routine audits on your website at least three times in a year. By being proactive, you will be able to build your website traffic organically, increase visibility, and gain momentum through consistency instead of losing ground to existing or new competitors, algorithm updates, or shifting industry trends. With a website audit carried out by professionals, you will enjoy increased organic search rankings, more traffic, and increased sales for your business.

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