10 Graphic Design Trends of 2019

10 Graphic Design Trends of 2019

While the design strategy of a company determines the success of its various campaigns and brand elements, narrowing down on a suitable design trend can be tasking.

With the advent and mass adoption of technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), content creation is seen to be significantly disrupted.
If you’re into designing or have hired a designer, it gets utmost crucial to assess the latest design trends so that you always have a room for execution in your existing design strategy. You can also pick several elements without having to follow a specific trend, making a customized yet inspired module. This article enlists some graphic design trends that tend to stand out in the vividly dispersed market of 2019.

Elements with asymmetric layouts

Following an asymmetric design tends to spark curiosity along with showcasing a creative idea. Improved graphics tools make it handy to include asymmetry in your overall design without having to go for intricate and outdated grid designs. Such designs turn out to be catchy as they aren’t bound to any predictable trend, but any wrong implementation can doom these with vagueness. An experienced graphic designer can make the design composition appear lifelike if there is a strategic placement of numerous elements.
Moreover, you can also mix some symmetrical elements while keeping the overall composition to be asymmetric. Businesses are adopting designs that aren’t confined in traditional appearance and can shift the user experience to become more attentive. Going for a template-based format is often complicated while asymmetry makes it convenient to go ahead with your customized idea.

Inspired from Mid-Century

Presenting Mid-Century design concepts with a modern touch is also being widely adopted in graphic work. Brands are shifting towards visibly clean lines and stripped format that comes with simplicity without losing its modern appeal. This influence is encouraging industries to include inspiration from that era in order to curate illustrations that skip flashy designs and focus on the iconic appearance, particularly of the post-War period.
Going with such a trend can be a fitting choice if you’re planning to work on an interior design project in which Mid-Century ideas are being prominently adopted. Moreover, several fashion brands have taken an entirely new route by showcasing these vintage designs with modifications that appeal to the user. These disruptions get fueled with the ease graphic designers now have when it comes to assessing pre-existing resources and trends hitting the market with time.

Warm and moody color designs for photos

Including vintage colors favors a deeper impact on the viewer, which is why companies are beginning to embrace these lo-fi tones. Photos with a softer tone are getting more prevalent in 2019 design trends as you can create a wistful mood with their implementation. Designers are considering moving towards shunning Neon inspired elements altogether to compose images that don’t seem to be flashing in the eyes. It appears to be a throwback to the times where producing catchy and saturated colors was a technical nightmare for the camera and video technology.
In photography portfolios, you can find vintage moods that focus on creating a rich experience to a user who is continually bored with flashy tones. This clearly showcases that 2019 is the year where design trends are bringing the farthest corners of visionary ideas that tend to contradict the most vastly perceived form of being modern. A softer color choice for graphic work allows designers to prevent the composition from looking overdone as in most cases with flashy and overly saturated tones.

Custom illustrations

Custom design illustrations

Nature-inspired illustrative designs elements are also picking pace when it comes to instilling a sense of creativity in the overall composition. Trends move towards embracing more elegant and delicate illustrations that do the job considerably well. These customized illustrations tend to appear more feminine, thus embarking a change that favors simplicity in the most beautiful and modern form.
The packaging industry is highly picking up this trend with modules that are influenced by materials, such as embossing and foil. A wide range of soft illustrations is making their way to the design work by taking inspiration from several botanical elements. This also fits well while assessing the design trends that the fashion industry is adopting these days. Including flowers and other organic elements is enabling illustrations to have a more opulent appeal that comes out with a textured design.

Custom Serifs

While the traditional Sans-serif is still quite in use, 2019 has seemingly skyrocketed the use of customized serif fonts. Companies are going for gorgeous modifications according to their brand voice so as to come up with a signature Serif font. Incorporating such a font will actively showcase your graphic work to be more professional as it keeps Serif design to be the central idea.
Classic sans-serif designs might fall flat when a business is planning to showcase creativity in various brand campaigns. However, adding personalized quirky touches to create significantly improved and eye-catching Serifs is what 2019 is all about.

Rise of isometric designs

Isometric designs might be seen to be a technically complex term but can be narrowed down to letting graphic designers add versatility to flat 3D models. These trends are massively being adopted in the icon designing as it includes a 3D touch that stands ahead from the conventional flat design. Having a 3D appeal with the help of isometric designs comes with an added advantage of reduced file size that assists in reducing the loading time of a webpage. This is why websites with these design illustrations don’t tend to lag while keeping up with a more intricate design alongside.
These designs are not only relatively simpler to curate but also include ductility that only comes with the depth effect. Make sure you're mindful of the color choice while going on with the isometric design choice for an illustration. This will ensure that the 3D effect you're planning to instill can go hand in hand with the warmth you are trying to create with the graphic work.

Brand nostalgia

Brand Nostalgia Designs

Improving on pre-existing design elements of your brand can also come handy while creating a nostalgic touch to your illustrations. This is why companies are ardently focusing on leveraging the power of brand nostalgia while curating several upcoming graphic works. It’s way better than keeping the unmodified form of a previous design idea and presenting it in your future illustrations as a user can’t witness any creativity on this front.
Brand nostalgia is not only emerging as a way of reworking on already present design aspects but also a means to improve these elements and come up with something that has a history, and modern appeal altogether.

Activist design trend

With the millennials being considered as more aware and socially included generation, it becomes evident that design trends are highly influenced by social and political arena. Including an activist design showcases an illustration to be thought-provoking as it is directed towards an ethnic cause. With the increasing awareness of environmental issues and feminist movements, designers are now leveraging the power of motivation. This is because an activist design is often seen to be a thought-provoking one which comes out to be highly encouraging.
However, you need to be proactive about including a meaningful purpose so that the sense of activism you're going after can hit the right chords. Poster designs and several other illustrative graphic elements are gaining a significantly more impactful appeal with this design trend.

Minimalism with Bold Colors:

2019 design trends are bound to consider minimum loading time for webpages, thanks to the massive growth of smartphone users. Minimalism offers clean and uncluttered graphics work that can keep your webpage from appearing too flashy. This year, a major shift is towards smooth undertones that clearly reflect inspiration from the ’70s and even '80s.
Including bold colors, while maintaining a minimalistic design will let you appeal to your user as your content will feel easily readable over their small screens. All in all, this trend is up to disrupting graphic design industry as professional designers start understanding the impact of shifting from popping colors to a minimalistic and more visually pleasing framework.

Motion designing for Micro UX

The reason why motion designs have become quite hyped in 2019 is the enhanced user experience they provide. Animations with more customized illustrations are gaining popularity while leveraging the lifelike appearance of motion elements. Brands are significantly catching up with these design elements as you’ll discover more websites with motion graphics in their core design.
Make sure you’re equipped with a fast server before incorporating motion elements in your webpages as they might often slow down the overall loading speed. Nonetheless, animated design concepts are on the rise as these tend to take a considerable hit on the boring outlook of any composition.


Design trends might be tricky to figure when you see a number of contradicting implementations across various industries. However, one thing is evident when you leaf through the latest trends — 2019 is the year of integrating elements with more creativity while keeping the user experience as the utmost priority. Ensure ample market research before you actively select a specific design concept for your brand campaign.

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