How Fake Online Reviews Can Affect Your Law Firm Reputation

How Fake Online Reviews Can Affect Your Law Firm Reputation

Reviews have become absolutely essential for business and law firms, in order to attract new clients. The online media is influencing people's mind like never before.

Fake Reviews and How to Detect Them

Hence, virtual platforms are becoming all the more powerful, in either making or breaking a brand. With good and effective reviews, any company tends to flourish and build a good clientele. Therefore, the online reputation of companies has become a very delicate issue in almost every industry. Due to this factor, companies have become more careful that before, in ensuring that their clients are satisfied. Failing to provide a pleasant experience to the customers, would ultimately result in negative feedback, and this would obviously sabotage the reputation of the organization.

How it affects

It is not a surprise that bad reviews can deem to be disastrous for these firms. Their future can be put into a lot of trouble, because of bad reviews. Thus, it is essential that the firms take notice of these not so good reviews and assure themselves of their credibility. These days, fake social media accounts go about posting false reviews which are negative as well. This could hamper the success of a company and would definitely cast an adverse effect on its reputation. It is necessary to find out whether the reviews are real or fake. There are many ways through which one can decode the genuineness and credibility of reviews. This article will help you to decipher some of these detrimental reviews so that they do not prove to be harmful to your firm's name.

Any fake profile on social media network can be recognized by a few known tricks. A fake account would usually have no picture. If this is the case with any of the profiles posting the reviews, then you can be assured of the fact that it is a fake. Moreover, a fake account would have a considerably lesser flurry of activity within it. There would be lesser posts, and much less communication and socializing going on through them. If in case, the profile in question does not look very well known in the social media sphere, and appears to be some sort of a loner, then it is most likely to be a fake account.

How it is busted?

The reviews that are posted through any fake account can also determine the nature of the account and whether or not it is actually a fake one. If you notice that most of the reviews posted through the account in question are either a negative or a positive, then it is more likely to be a fake account. Extreme oscillations between good reviews and bad ones are usually a sign of fake reviews. It helps to check all reviews posted by the account in its entire history. No real person would consist of experiences that are either very good or extremely bad.

The timeline of when the reviews were posted by the profile can also determine whether the profile is a real one or a fake one. For example, if all the reviews posted by that particular account turn out to be 4 months older, then it is likely to be a fake account. To figure out the timeline of posts, one should go through all the reviews have been posted by the account. The date of posting tells you whether the reviews are genuine. No real person can review a bunch of firms in a very short amount of time.

It is possible that a rival firm is attempting to ruin your reputation. The fake reviews can be posted through these firms to make sure that further clients are kept away. Bad reviews for one firm can spell a brighter future for other competing firms in the same market. In such a case it would be helpful to figure out which firms are your rival firms, and which would want to eliminate you from the market altogether.


Lastly, it does not do anyone any good to have a tit for tat attitude. Although revenge seems like a better option when it comes to rival firms, refrain from taking the same course of action for them. This might prove to be costlier to you than to them. Posting bad reviews through fake accounts for a rival firm, can affirm them as your rivals and thus, make complete enemies of them.

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