Ingenium Releases Store4 Forms

Ingenium Releases Store4 Forms

Croatia, September 26., 2018 — Ingenium Llc. a software development company from Europe, expert in an online cloud business solutions, announced today release of the Store4 Forms. Here at Ingenium, we take time to understand your current processes and configure a solution that improves quality, compliance, and the bottom line.

Store4 is a online business cloud platform with sales automation and management solution. With Store4 you can manage your complete business from one central place on any device.

We are offering 3. Month trial to everyone who claims it.

Also, we’d like to expand our Store4 sales, so if you are interested in partnership program please let us know, we are certain that our expansion ventures created with your support will be equally successful.

Eliminate manual data collection and automate your forms with Store4 Forms. Increase your productivity by reducing mistakes and unnecessary data entry. Save money by eliminating outdated paperwork and manual processes – get business data in real time and take action to improve efficiency.

Forget pen and paper, Store4 Forms lets you gather clean, consistent and real time data. With Store4 Forms, reduce “chaos” in your company in means of paper-work. Digitize all your paper forms with just a ‘click of a button’.

Store4 Forms are responsive on all devices for best user experience. To start creating forms in Store4, you don’t have to be a programmer nor IT guru. We made it so simple even non-technical users can understand and generate forms in a blink of an eye.

Your electronic forms can be designed to resemble the physical ones you already use, but the PC versions usually require less work and time.

Here are some of the benefits of using Store4 Forms :

  • Data Entry Optimization – Streamlining the way data is captured makes it easier to generate meaningful reports from that data
  • Workflow Efficiencies – Let the users fill out forms faster – electronically, Its quicker for staff to fill out forms with pre-populated fields instead of manually inputting them
  • Cost Savings – Reduce costs of your printing, postage and physical storage solutions ( filling cabinets ), embrace the technology
  • Waste reduction – Eliminate / reduce the use of paper, start being more environmentally friendly with Store4 Forms.

In our experience working with clients, one problem we are constantly seeing is that companies are forced to use multiple complex cloud and desktop applications to cover their business needs. Entrepreneurs waste time and money switching between applications, transferring the data between them and many of those applications lack the features they require. What bothered us the most is that there was no ‘universal’ application on the market that clients from all industry branches could adjust to their needs, volume and budget.

While working with our clients, we realised that they all had sales as a common ground. From freelancers to enterprise companies, all of them need to sell their goods and services. They wanted a clear, transparent application that will help them boost their sales process.

As businesses grow, they need a strong sales automation system like Store4. With Store4, you can manage different aspects of your business featuring unparalleled flexibility, security and data management – the exact tools they need to sell, optimize and scale your high growth - high volume business. Store4 provides features that growing companies need while being easy to use and easy to implement. And with real-time insights into all your business data, you can make better informed decisions.

If your business is outgrowing your current sales software, consider Store4. Want to learn more about Store4? Ask for demo credentials at Store4 Contactor visit our site to find more information main website

We would love to hear from you, order yours 3. Month free trial now!

Store4 is looking for partners and we are certain that our expansion ventures created with your support will be equally successful

About Store4

Store4 is an online cloud business sales automation and management solution exclusively developed for smart businesses. With Store4 track every phase of your business sales process, from your initial contact with a customer through to the final invoice and billing. Manage your complete business from one platform on any device. More than just sales, Store4 provides businesses with the necessary tools and processes to help drive sales, improve customer service and increase productivity. Store4 – A revolutionary way you manage your online business and make sales Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+, Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and Like us on Facebook.

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