Getting to Know Google - An Infographic

Getting to Know Google - An Infographic

Google is an American Multinational Corporation founded in California in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Page and Brin were both attending Stanford University at the time they founded the company in a local garage.

You've probably conducted a Google search before—you may have even done thousands. You may have also used the Gmail, Google+, Google News search, Image search, Maps, or Translate. Have you ever wondered how everything started?

Google the mighty search engine which had a modest beginning to its life starting from rented garage of a home and having offices across 150+ countries around the globe within a span of 15 years.

Now, the company has a multitude of internet related products and is one of the most successful companies worldwide with over 30,000 employees.

Here is an infographic from DPFOC, team of Canada which shows the growth of this company.

Getting to Know Google - An Infographic

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